The cutest young photographers in the whole of Japan?

Two young brothers who, with their toy cameras, inquisitive nature and impeccable technique, are surely the cutest photographers in Japan — possibly even the world.

cute Japanese photographers


  1. Matt says

    You’re probably on his blog right now. I like the little guy with his one eye covered by his hood.

    • says

      Ah, I was totally unaware of that. A quick search brought me up to date though. You do indeed learn something new everyday.

  2. john says

    We’ve been hoodwinked! ..although they equally may have thought they had met another “Go-Busters” fan
    rather than a photographer :o)

  3. Magnus369 says

    One of the rare times I see someone looking happy to have you take their picture- and it’s a great shot at that!

  4. Zack says

    the first thing i think of when i see something like that is how talented those two are going to be when they grow up. when they are that young, playing with toy cameras (and pretty fancy and maybe expensive looking ones, in terms of toys), i can only imagine the interest that will continue in their lives as they get older. perhaps one or more of their parents are photographers, and the boys, enamorred with their partents’ toys, asked for models of their own. perhaps it will pass and these simply are toys for these young gentlemen, but i wouldn’t be suprised to see your photo used for the bio on the back page of their very own book of photographs in twenty or thirty years.

    great photo, and great story; i’m glad i check your blog so often.

    • says

      Thank you very much.

      They certainly have the curiosity, no doubt at all about that. No fear of a strange looking foreigner either. Traits they’ll hopefully maintain.

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