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      Nah, just the usual. The windows make a lovely natural frame. Nice warm colours inside too. A joy to shoot.

  1. says

    Those are serious upper-management types, I guess the Ginza hostess bars are suffering now that Abenomics is running out of steam and into another recession :-)

    • says

      Yeah, quite possibly. Although that said, those expensive don’t seem to be suffering too much just yet.

      Once the consumption tax goes up in April, however, things may really start to change…

  2. Ware says

    Nice.From my experience small places like this are the best for a drink(s)before heading home.

  3. Squidpuppy says

    The first thing I thought was a cartoon word bubble over the bartender’s head: “You what? Don’t like the Shiokara? Guess you don’t need this sake then, eh?” 

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