1. Coli says

    Yum! Looks wonderful. It was a scorcher here in kansai today. 36.3 in my town. So that looks really great right now :-) How hot was it in tokyo today?

    • says

      No idea to be honest, as I’m in Hokkaido this week. But I’d hazard a guess that Tokyo is absolutely boiling and incredibly humid!

    • says

      ‘Tis, isn’t it?

      On this day, no. It was in the middle of a walk, and considering how hot it was, I knew that a sit down would mean I’d walk no further, as one beer would inevitably lead to another, and another…

    • says

      Yes, a man ready for the summer!

      Not sure to be honest. Definitely some sausages there, and I’d assume pieces of pork.

  2. Squidpuppy says

    Not that it matters much, but I wonder if there’s any health regulation for stands like this: yatai, tachikui, akachochin. Personally not worried about it, just curious. I suspect there’re at least licensing requirements. Ever see any posted papers? I never paid any attention, so I don’t remember.

    • says

      I’ve often wondered the same thing. Same with little bars and the like. There seems to be little in the way of regulation. Definitely not something they’d be allowed to get away with in my native Britain.

      Now and again I have seen old stickers in regards hygiene checks, but in the places I did see them, the checks must have been pretty lenient to say the least!

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