Silicone satisfaction

For some time now, a few companies in the sex trade have been offering rubber doll rentals. A service that, for want of a better description, has been going down very well indeed – despite the relatively high price and potential hygiene problems.

However, perhaps not surprisingly, this demand for dolls has resulted in the opening of a downtown establishment for silicone sex seekers. The difference being that rather than having the dolls shipped out to customers, LaLa rents out private rooms that are furnished with a bath, toilet, and most importantly, a latex lover.

japanese latex doll

The shop currently has a staff of 17 ‘ladies’, with a going rate of 12,000 yen (60 pound) for 90 minutes. A price that obviously doesn’t deter many potential customers, as the store’s manager claims that, “On a really good day we get as many as 30 customers.” In regards to the kind of patrons LaLa attracts, he says that they “age from teens to men in their 60’s. For the most part they appear to be quiet, timid types, who probably feel more at ease with a doll than a young woman. Some bring along shopping bags with a couple of extra costumes. I suppose they enjoy dressing up the dolls and taking snapshots.”

blow up dolls

In an attempt to get the low-down on this burgeoning business, Dacapo magazine sent two intrepid students to try out the service. First up, so to speak, was 21-year-old Hiroshi. Opting to watch a racy video beforehand to get himself in the mood, he was disappointed to find that, “After I undressed her, I was upset to see that her head hadn’t been properly screwed on.” This inauspicious start set the tone for Hiroshi’s rubber rendezvous, and despite a few tender moments, the experience wasn’t an especially good one. “I felt something, but it also gave me something of a guilt trip, and I was asking myself, ‘What am I doing here?’ and I guess at that point I got completely turned off.”

latex doll head

Not exactly a glowing report for the new service it has to be said, but Hiroshi’s friend Takuya had a slightly more enjoyable experience. Finding himself in a room with a doll dressed as a flight attendant, he wasted no time on the preliminaries, quickly finding out that “there was no problem in the missionary position.” However it wasn’t all plain sailing, as “with some of the other positions we tried I had to hold her up, and since she was quite heavy my arms got tired.” Not that these minor setbacks slowed Takuya’s progress too much, as he confessed that “after thinking of previous enjoyable experiences, I was finally able to go all the way.”

Yet with LaLa’s service costing the same as establishments offering real women, coupled with the mixed reactions of the two students mentioned above, the shop might have its work cut out to survive in the long term, despite its early success. Even the temporarily relieved Takuya pondered after his exertions, “It made me realize how futile it can feel to convey love that doesn’t get reciprocated.”

latex doll face


  1. says

    A mixed reaction from the students, eh? For the sake of sociological research, you ought to volunteer to have the tie-breaking experience.

  2. Lance says


    I think that point provides a clincher in deciding whether protection would be needed lol

  3. says

    “It made me realize how futile it can feel to convey love that doesn’t get reciprocated.”

    Um, I hope he wouldn’t expect love if he used a real prostitute either.

  4. Nurizeko says

    Man, even ive felt pretty lonely and horney at the same time but….playing pretend with a life-size doll?…thats pretty bad…..

    My advice for customers of it is save yourself the wierdness/just wrong factor and hire out a porno or something, and a box of tissues, much cheaper and acheives the same result, sexual release.

    If however their after a relationship, your first step should be to engage in courtship with a human….believe it or not girls arnt THAT impossible to approach.

  5. Jeff T says

    hello everyone…..this is not an oridnary doll has just arrived friends, this is lifealtering, or should i say she is lifealtering…i never thought i would be on my back getting a reverse cowgirl from “stacy” my new found plastic lover….till next time..kisses (Boneski)

    ps. my knitting group is very intriging catelogs would be much appreciated, contact if possible

  6. Sparky says

    I have 4 love dolls and I have had ‘regular’ relationships. I have to disagree with the person that thinks it would be better to pleasure yourself with tissues and porn.

    (remove the small ‘e’ on my email to reply)

    I think of the dolls as a very expensive aid for masturbation. They are far superior to anything my hand and imagination could ever dol

    People do not think anything unusual with women using implements like vibrators, why not artificial vaginas?

    I enjoy relationships with regular women and I enjoy my time with the dolls. I do not see them as the same nor do I see them as mutually exclusive.

  7. pippy says

    hehe… that’s so wrong on so many levels. Of course, that’s a good sign they’ll be a hit. lol.

  8. Malice says

    Well, to be quite honest, I think it’s a brilliant idea. I find all of this very fascinating and intriguing.

    Possibly at a later time, when I’m quite a bit older, I’ll look into getting one of these lovely dolls. Based on what I know, they seem like they’d be worth the money.

    Oh, and they’re not bad on the eyes, either. ;D

    • Dewb says

      Actually, having a wife in no way means you have a person to fulfill all of your needs. Sometimes it is very healthy for relationships and the individuals to have an alternative. What better an alternative. After all, can you call it cheating? Maybe you shouldn’t be so quick to judge.

  9. koss says

    why dont you all get a real woman? Woman are out there dying to get married, and you all fuck each other or fuck dolls. How sad. It shows that there is something lacking in you.

    • Dewb says

      Marrying a woman for sex is sick. That’s like a woman marrying a man for his money. You should marry because you love someone and want to share your life with them. I for one haven’t met a woman that I love that much yet. Maybe a doll would be a great thing for me, so I could satisfy my desires without risk AND without hurting anyone else’s feelings. I am all for these dolls and plan on getting one.

  10. Ross says

    Why don’t you guys try to talk to people?
    Hmm.. see socialise, and go out live life!
    That’s how you get laid. It’s very easy, trust me. Look you might say, well the only thing that will work for ya is knowing how to talk to people and maybe some drinks help your game.
    But anyways! Get fcking laid people!!
    Dolls? are you really that sad? It would be like doing your little sisters barbie doll! Geez.. Women are easy to get, you don’t have to turn into the lonely small d. jap guy that is so lonely and needs a doll.

    • topquark says

      Dolls are the best thing to have happened for men. Why waste our precious time, money , energy wooing these worthless women. Dolls come in variety , life time warranty, no huge maintainance cost, no divorce hassles, no love break-ups etc.

  11. Rubberman says

    The thing is simple, btch.

    We, the men, can enjoy sex for the sake of it. We like sex for sex only. We don’t necesarily look for a relationship. That’s why a rubber doll is a great idea. You get the sex, and nothing else.

    Sick ? Maybe. But that’s my life. You should get a boyfriend.

  12. RandomEncounter! says

    Some of you are far too judgmental on your stance of this. Is it slightly disturbing? Yes, I admit, it can be.

    However, does it really affect you in *any* way what people do to get off? As someone stated earlier, it’s not mutually exclusive, and can be a lot more relaxing than trying to remember the name of the girl next to you when you wake up.

    • Janet Smithy says

      I seriously doubt any of you have ever had to remember the name of
      the real girl next to you. LOL

  13. cheong says

    Wonder if the doll got pussy hole or not, otherwise cannot have more fun with it.

    In another decade of so more sophicate sex doll should be more fun like some reaction from the doll during having fun with it.

  14. ichiban says

    Finger pointers and moralists can’t even stay away from people who want to shag an object in private. How about YOU get a life and stop trying to define yourself by finding fault with someone else’s personal habits. Lame fucks. As for the real men out there, just grab whatever you want, and do whatever you want to it – her – they…

    This show is almost over and if you didn’t get your kicks you paid for nothing.

    Go and get them and make them scream YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!

  15. Naraku_Hentai says

    I agree that there is an issue of perception here. And truthfully, I see both points. Here is what I believe the real issue is: …

    People love sex

    Male or female, it matters not. True, a relationship with a human is far superior to anything a doll can offer. But consider this. A human (unless they have an exceptionally high libido) is not geared for sex all the time. And guys (and sometimes girls) are pretty much ready to go all the time. At least I know I am…and all the guys I’ve ever called “friend” are lol. Anyway, this is a simple matter of sexual gratification, some people want more out of that than “just a hand” or a masturbation toy. A full body love doll gives you the ability to relate with a human sized object that can be positioned pretty much however you want.Dressing them up in cute outfits is also part of fantasy play. C’mon…who’s never had a fantasy about “the cute girl who hangs out in the Harajuku district” or the sultry “Geisha attending the Daimyou”? Fantasies, for the most part, are an absolutly healthy part of human sexuality. To me …that’s exciting! Sex in any aspect is exciting!…that’s why we love it so much. That being said…

    I also agree that getting one of these dolls should never be a substitute for a real person. If you want the whole experience of love, closeness with person who loves you back, then yes, for God’s sake get a girlfriend or a wife. A doll can never give you those things. Nor can it give you a family, or grow old with you…etc. But see this for what it is. This is a relatively safe (if you buy one for yourself) alternative to full-body lovemaking. Sometimes we just want sex, and if your partner isn’t in the mood, or you don’t have one, then this is a great alternative. Some men like the power associated with sex. They can have sex when they want it, how they want it, with whom they want it…all at no risk of offending, hurting, or taking advantage of an actual human.I don’t condone the later, but a doll is better than the alternative. So in conclusion, I say…”Whatever floats your boat”. Try it, you may like it. Or, maybe you won’t. The decision is yours to make and yours alone. Don’t let other people judge you. I’ll tell you all right now that I’d bang a silicone doll in a heartbeat! Does that make me a freak? No, just someone with a highly adventurous side.

    P.S. – Fellas…I’ve also spoken to couples who share their new “friend” together. Think of it! A threesome with no strings attached or undue jealousy! When you and wifey are done, toss Red in the closet,and enjoy each others’ company. …unless you wanna go again!

  16. Ponderous says

    Naruku-Hentai: Why are there not more people like you frequenting boards such as these? Well said!

    I fully agree with your point of view regarding both sides of the coin.

    On to the rest out there…

    It is (quite) unfortunate that there are always going to be people in the world willing to openly and readily inflict their opinions and values upon others as a dogma.

    Nothing beats a real human being, except maybe a club. Sorry, haha… bad joke =)

    Seriously, a human being is just (at our current state of technology) irreplaceable. However, as an example, what if a person does not come with the gift of good looks, hygiene or the ability to talk to women.

    A sex doll is a viable alternative.

    What if they have a disease that prohibits them from having sex at all… would you prefer that person then with say HIV/AIDS, Hep. A~D or Herpes to go around having sex with people… or with dolls to save the population.

    Ever consider that aspect of this? Perhaps a person (like a friend of mine) has a body warped by 3rd degree burns…? (His are the entire back-side of his body, from a racing accident).

    Good luck getting laid like that. It takes a special woman to get past hugging that kind of scarring.

    Another example for instance, what happens when you live in an overly conservative world…? Go to the USA or Canada or the UK and just try to find a cute, single girl who loves to cosplay and do all sorts of kinky things and will have sex with you any time you want, 24/7. You know what? Good luck.

    Good luck trusting that she hasn’t been around the block too. I’d rather trust a doll thank you.

    It was mentioned earlier about women having toys, why is it so hard to accept that men will also want toys?

    Toys are toys. You make a life size, attractive male doll… give it a realistic (or not) hard-on, and… a libido that NEVER quits…

    Doesn’t get cum all over you, doesn’t get you pregnant, can be manipulated to hit that spot, and can fk for 10 hours straight and never get tired. No different from a vibrator, except it is bigger ne?

    Now that I have talked myself in a circle, to those who are so opinionated as to try to belittle others because of their sexual choice… may you become seriously married to someone as opinionated and never breed!

    That’s my two bits, and certainly must be taken with more than a few grains of salt, as it is only an opinion.

    The dolls are great fun, if expensive. They don’t replace real sex, and the girls from Harajyuku are far better in bed than the dolls are!

  17. Naraku_Hentai says

    In response to Ponderous:

    Much appreciation for your comment. It’s good to see that there are others who share similar views on this matter as myself. I wanted to point out a similar story referring to the use of a sexual aid (not an entire doll, just the female bit). After reading your reply, this statement reminded me of someone I’d spoken to with a similar situation: “…What if they have a disease that prohibits them from having sex at all?” I remembered a woman I spoke to on a user’s forum for a product I’d just purchased, the Fleshlight ( She underwent an extensive surgery to remove a massive cyst in her womb, which left her sexually bereft. Mourning the loss of her sex life and fearing losing her husband as well, she bought this product as an alternative. I must applaud her husband, he loved the idea and with a little ingenuity, their love life was back to where it used to be. I thought this just another look at how these products can inprove the quality of life, rather than degrade it.

  18. Alucard says

    I think these are realy lovely
    I whish i could have one of these espicially the ones look like anime Babes

  19. Mina Ota says

    I think that its sad if the world we live in today forces people to express one of the most initimate experiences with a liveless object.
    Masturbating may let some steam off but anyone who has ever been in love knows how much more gratifying sex is with some one you love.
    I think that it encourages people to further retreat in their own self centered self gratifying anime or hentai filled fantasy instead of being proactive and teaching them skills of how to truly interact with a potential mate.
    Using one of these dolls does not show a man how to give pleasure or satisfaction to his partner or to receive pleasure from someone who truly wants to make you feel pleasure. Not liek these rubber dolls that *you* make rubb against you

    It is not that hard to develop relationships and *gasp* even get married where you can have all the love making you want . Marriage is wonderful ( to the right person) for so many reasons sex just being one of them !
    I know there are those that would say that some men are not good looking or are poor or cant talk with women well to that I say
    1- Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
    2-If a woman doesnt want to be with you because you are poor or have a small income (or anything else)then she is not the one for you and not a good woman who only cares about material objects and wealth or size

    3-look at yourself and see where you can be the best person you can be( do you shower every day, have a decent hair cut , wear clean clothes,smile, read books about topical subjects so you can engage people in conversations, have some spirtuality in your life?Read some bible material to show you how to be a good person on the inside, If no t then why not?
    I am turning this in to how to be a human article now and all I meant to say is that making love to you r husband or wife is a million times better and ANYONE can find a mate…there is someone out there for everyone..

  20. Steve says

    These dolls are just a (rich man’s) sex aid and anybody that puts it down is just plain jealous or filled with envy. Just ‘cos you have a doll does not mean you’re gonna shut out the world. I wish they would mass produce these work of arts so the average person could have one. There would probably be a lot less unwanted pregnancies and failed marriages for starters. The technology’s just getting started! Soon they’re gonna talk and “do the motions” so maybe a lot of women better start re-thinking their attitudes!!!!

  21. Ty says

    I’m also disturbed by the dolls’ young looks. Their faces remind me of the small girls running around in our neighborhood. This just feels wrong.

    Apart from that, all thumbs and other bodyparts up.

  22. Steve says

    Don’t you feel stupid screwing your hand???? A doll is just a luxurious way of “Crowning the King”

  23. Crazy Sjaak says

    I’ll take a real hooker over one of these overprized gimmicks any damn day of the week.

  24. Naraku_Hentai says


    What you say is true. Since the time I replied to this article, I have had time to do some deep soul searching of my own. I realized that my life was not in a place that would support having an intimate relationship with someone, and as a selfish way to gratify myself, I was considering alternate methods of happiness. …this won’t bring happiness. It is a mockery, a hollow image of what is meant to be the closest bond between to people. I do not judge those who still believe this to be a way to complete themselves. I used to be there myself. Just know that this is not the answer. There truly is someone out there for you, you just haven’t met them yet…^_^

  25. blah says

    If it takes three dates to get a girl in bed, that’s $300 plus. Then you have to keep up the dates and flowers and gifts… might be cheaper to get a doll.

  26. Bill says

    Happiness comes from within. That’s why there’s so many divorces. People go into a marriage thinking; “I found happiness” until one goes “Either I get happy or I get a divorce”! Now that’s when a doll will come in handy,
    or until you find that someone. Unless your happy with your hand.

  27. Alvin says

    I see prostitution as a mere exchange of goods and services for money. I get serviced for money. For a hassle-free temporary deal, with none of the “I thought you were going to call?” bullshit.

  28. Calvin says

    They need to make a tall full figured doll with big legs and a killer hour-glass figure, something unattainable for the average guy. When a scantily clad woman like this walks into an establishment, everyone is aware of her presence like it or not, another reason for prostitution.

  29. Bill says

    Imagine in 20 years how much the art and technology might advance with these dolls.

  30. Aileen says

    Why don’t you sick fucks find a real woman so you knock her and give her power of executioner , life giver, and ultimate mind-gamer by telling your son or daughter when they’re older that your dad wanted you DEAD! Not to mention the 6 figure annuity you’re gonna be paying for the next 18 years (by order of the court) to help her buy a house with her new significant other while you have to live in a little apartment in the seedy side of town, and if you’re lucky she might use you for “booty call” if you lick her ass and say please…

  31. sue says

    Like they say; in “In the year 2525″, Won’t need no husband or no wife, you’ll pick your son or daughter from the bottom of a long glass tube.”

  32. Joe Buck says

    What we men as primates are looking for are powerful sexual signals. Thin waist with round buttocks, large hips, ferm tits, signs which indicate a healthy and fertile female. Hence we start looking for younger women at midlife… If you are more likely to find these signs in a doll rather than in most women around you, then get your kick with your doll. Some instinctual need deep inside your human nature will be truly satisfied.

  33. Joe Buck says

    Most people here seem to see relationships as ideals and having a “real life” partner being a bliss… but we’re talking sex with these dolls, not relationships. And still, even if you are loony enough to have a ‘relationship’ with your doll, then why not? What did we use to do as kids? we would talk to our teddy bears or make our action men talk, I wouldn’t condemn someone saying “oh baby” while fucking his doll. Let’s also see the good side of it: if you can’t enjoy a “relationship made in heaven” like you would with a real person (which is a fantasy as well anyway) you also are safe from bitches (andhtere are quite a few out there)… And by the way, I’m sure feminists would use a similar male doll and take no criticism about it, but when it comes to us guy we have to be “weirdoes” of course…

  34. Ilana says

    Hey! I am producing a radio documentary for the BBC World Service on japanese fetish. Will travel to Japan in January. I am starting now to search for good contacts for interviews on the subject in Tokyo. Can you help me? Any tips are mostly welcome! I can explain more by email. Cheers!

  35. Chris says

    Those dolls run into 1000’s of pounds but if your in the UK and want to buy a doll that you dont need a mortgage for check out

  36. Boostershot says

    Hey, im a girl, I will never have sex with another person because I dont like people and find the thought of someone touching me like that at this time more moraly reprehensable then fucking a doll. Mabey when im a little bit older will I have sex, but now I think I’ll stick to good ol’fashioned masterbation. I would love to get me one of those beutifull girls, perhaps with male and female attatchments. God there pretty…so much prettier then people. So to all you finger pointers out there, mabey if you put that finger where the sun dont shine you would be a little less judgemental of other peoples fantasies, and a little more into your own. Besides, what would this world be like if we all shared the same opinion, fantasy, and sexuality? It wouldnt BE a world, we would all be just as doll-like as the beuties we see here.

  37. Darren says

    after the last relationship I had I’d rather be gay than date a real woman again….a sexy doll sounds like fun….and she can’t talk !!!! even better….LOL….have fun

  38. dude says

    Those dolls are great. I have a wife and a doll. The wife loves it. She was the one who decided to buy it. It’s great having one and a half wives.

  39. Alex says

    I’m waiting for these babies to become cheaper.. Real women, we don’t need you anymore.

  40. hunk says

    I have never had a better orgasm before! I actually never had real sex before due to a bad burn accident in my childhood. all people with disabillities should have one. The doll i ordered have an special feature called “The voicebox”. You read in what you want her to say- and voila! She talks dirty to you with a cute girl voice!

  41. kim lee says

    I think you are all very funny. Ladies why hate let the guys, have sex with a plastic doll if it makes them feel better. Atleast there not cheating and if your single and dont want a relationship then cool also. I dont think its sick at all it makes me laugh but its kinda cool! I just wish they had some other colors then just asia looking for all fantasys.

  42. says

    Naraku Hental is right. sex dolls arereally only masterbation objects.

    I’m one such person who finds nothing wrong with using a doll. Being both partially sighted and nearly deaf in both ears, I find it hard to relate to women because very few of them want anything to do with a handicapped guy. I think the dolls are a form of therapy for those who have sexual dificluties ,or who don’t want the hassle fo going out and finding a real woman. Hell, I’m nearing 50 and getting tired of rejection. I like women but have trouble gettting sex with them, so the doll offers a way to get sex without begging, pleading, or cojolling. Too bad they’re so pricey. I want to get myself one of those solid body ones. Heck, what’s the fuss. It’s just a glorified form of masterbation. That’s all. Think about it.

    M J S

  43. Ender says

    Here’s a situation for ya, I love my girlfriend I really do, but she has like no sex drive and i have quite a bit so i can use stuff like this and not have to think worry about regrets later. yea it’s a bit weird to think about it, but it’s clean (as long as you clean it up), not going to get pregnant, and wont get pissed when you feel like a quickie at four in the morning. Women can think of it as your mans not going to cheat, and guys can see it as being nice to your gf or even wife by using the doll untill she’s in the mood, sometimes by waiting for her she’ll can do some wicked stuff. Point blank, i see it as being nice to your woman, and guys who can’t get a woman I believe they deserve a little more than Lefty. One more thing, here in The United States you can get them pretty cheap, just choose quality wisely (no dissin any other country either, love ya guys, and take care).

  44. gerald says

    My post will cut through all the bullshit, (but it will be controversial). First of all, sifting through previous posts, its obvious that “getting laid” and “socializing” seems to recur. What exactly is the link between the two in our post modern society. Well today we live in an age where we dont practice arranged marriages (for whatever reason). This puts men who dont know how to “socialize” with girls at a serious disadvantage. How are men supposed to attract a mate without somehow getting a woman’s attention verbally (since we cant practice telepathy as of yet). Of course having a strong friend network may help. But many men dont have a strong friend network, or their friend network may consist of guys who have a similiar predicament of not knowing how to socialize with girls. So are men who cant “socialize” screwed so to speak, doomed to unhappiness. But lets analyze this more carefully, why do men need to “get laid”. True , men need to procreate to keep society populated, but apparently that need is not very pressing today with 5 billion people in the planet. Do men need a woman’s love? But what is a woman’s love, if not just a reaction of chemicals in the guy’s neurological pleasure center. Hence being in love is no different biologically than being on crank and heroin all at once (some say it can be more powerful than any drug). But love is just a state of mind in the guy’s brain. Why not practice self love, like seriously loving yourself, instead of seeking a woman to give you meaning or “love”. Women can be bitchy and they don’t always love. They are not robots. If men needed love all the time, then this goes against reality, since its unrealistic to expect a woman to love a man always, i mean conversely its unrealistic for a woman to expect the man to love her all the time. Therefore its delusional to expect to find a woman who can truly “love” you. At best you can find a friend who agrees to have sex with you. This is not “unconditional” love that psychologists dream about. This is very conditional on things like income, attractibility, etc. Hence unconditional love is an illusion. What scientists need to do is figure out how to put love in a bottle, administer some chemical that mimics a man and woman in surrendered love. That way men and women wont need each other in a very unrealistic codependent sense., and men can be psychologically happy since they are always loved. But of course science has not produced this.
    So what are the options for a man. Screwing a lifeless doll. Well I would argue that masturbation only anesthetizes the need of love, since it overloads the brain with the endorphins, and pleasure chemicals etc. And i can talk from experience, you can masturbate all night, and the next day you still want a relationship with a woman. so masturbation is not a substitute, it cant be, since you idealize something, a sexual relationship. Thats the problem, idealizing the sexual relationship(porno) . or the romance addict,typical among women will idealize the obsessive love relationship, (hence soap operas). My conclusion, that will men and women happy, is to practice self love. Not through masturbation, but just saying things to yourself that youre a great guy. It doesnt need to be narcissistic or anything. it can be genuine self love. At some point of this self love, which can take a long time, you will probably start to feel the kind of love that men and women claim to have, without the neurotic problems they inevitably face. Hey, the alternatives are dismal. Look, it seems axiomatic that men need love to function in a healthy way. And it seems true that some men cannot attract a mate to receive this necessary love. The only option is to practice self love, for survival sake. to be happy with one self. to be content. And it helps to love others, even if no one reciprocates. you dont need reciprocation since you love yourself. thats all the love you need. Of course growing up with unloving parents makes this process all the more difficult. I never said it is easy. I also would encourage people to love God, as part of this process. It would be unfair just to love yourself. Love yourself, love others as yourself, and love God. The three loves or lack of them will take you where you need to go (heaven or hell). Email me.

  45. mich green says

    hey, I am an amputee and I want to say I never had any real woman sleep next to me. I am happy to have my doll next to me at night. Not every guy can get girl friends especially us blokes with disabilities. I know she is not real, but I have more confidence in my life now. I am not sick. I have a regular job and it makes me happy to have her. maybe it’s not easy for some people to understand , but I am glad that there are such things.


  46. haizoku says

    Still waiting for the Cherry 2000 myself, but fleshlight will have to do for now.

    These are interesting, but… I wouldn’t “rent” one for health concerns, and if I bought one I would be afraid it would be like hiding a dead body around the house. I mean imagine if you had guests over, and… “Oh, Just throw your coats on the bed”, ouch! Actually that might be funny just to see the response. Let’s not forget, could be handy for HOV lanes too!

    Really I see no harm in these, as a masturbation enhancement. The thumpers quoted above probabaly went directly to the “replacement for a real woman” line of thinking, which is shallow and unempathetic. I have only had one girlfriend that could keep up with me sexually, and even she got tired of the 3am nudge. Had a couple that got upset that I still masturbated during the relationship, but didnt want to 3 times a day.

    As far as the handicapped/disabled or diseased individuals go, I think this would be a boon. If you haven’t gone multiple years without sex (for whatever reason) you have no grounds to judge others who have, so STFU.

  47. W o R d S says

    Hello to everyone, i love your comments and i respect everybody but sometimes a woman is not enough… sometimes men are horney and need to “spit it out” the best way is those dolls… i’d wish that every man would fuck a doll than a real woman for his “own” pleasure, than we might have a better and improved sociaty… this is also good for all those who are unable to get a girlfriend and all the ways they satisfy themselves can’t be “imitated” to reality than with the doll “close thing to reality” they can feel how great sex is… even though many might think that this is a horrible idea, you should try and live and experience before you say silly words… i thought the same once, that love dolls are stupid, but this is an excellent and facinating idea!
    If women get less hurt todays they might want us more tommorow and than we might not need dolls… our world today sux, peoples (women and men). normal social talks and T.V. = everything is crap. It just get worse every monent… all them stupid commercials that makes you run to the bathroom or get an item just because they played your mind about sex… Maybe if we do less dammage and fuck dolls then there will be less childrens/womens raped and much more… just think about it.
    All those used girls in “Thailand” some says it’s heaven, i’d be damned to lie to a girl less than 18 and fuck her and do her “harm”, they suffer a worse fate…

    Thoughts before Actions, maybe it’s not the best way to say things but shortly i gave a comment for the world.

    I was just commenting so don’t replay i won’t be able to see it anyways. Take care now, bye bye.

  48. Vaona says

    I have no problem with these dolls (and I am a female!).I want one of these dolls to use for fashion purposes, because I think that their bodies will resemble real womens bodies,instead of mannequins. So I would love to get one for that purpose. But if men or women want to use the dolls for sexual gratification why not? They don’t have to wine and dine the doll or sweet talk theirselves into womens pants and break their hearts and make more women bitter. So I think its a great idea!

  49. Bobby says

    My wife got me a little silicone slut for my birthday. I keep her in my rig cause she ain’t allowed in the house. You see I’m a truck driver. My wife and I have been married for 8 years. We have a wonderful marriage and very strong sexual desire for each other. She knows when I go out on them long hauls I got to take care of my business. I can’t tell you how much I love this woman. My wife that is. I first time I laid into my new friend it was virginal and when I came I sort of felt bad. Called my wife told her what I done and she told me it was OK. Because she ain’t real. Then she really made me feel better when she told me she just got off with on of her toys. Its been four months since my new friend first joined me out on the road. She has actually help my wife and I. I came up with some new positions while laying it down that my wife really enjoys. I’m a little upset with some of the comments about my new friend. But I guess that’s just yalls opinion. I fund this web page because I’m looking for another. Hopefully my story will give her a little more credit that she deserves.

  50. Jenn says

    Females use dildos. What’s the difference, and who really cares. These people aren’t out hurting or taking advantage of people, so let them do what they want.

  51. nooonecaresanyway says

    i always thought asian women were the most attractive of all and i grew up in a place that had no asian women then i moved to somewhere that had lots and several years later i know that all asian women are out of my league. so its as good as it gets and i’ll take one

  52. Laughing says

    These are some funny comments. Aileen has serious issues with men. Others above show a sense of humor about the idea of sex with a doll. few consider the simple idea of just having something pretty to look at amidst the ugliness of life. personally, i wouldn’t spend the large sums of money on a doll, whether silicone or real flesh….they’re just not worth the money.

  53. Bigmac5678 says


    I don’t see nothing wrong with a little bump and grind with your sexbot, It’s the end of the week and you don’t want to go out to the club. But you don’t want to be alone so you start booty calling. And still can’t get any company and you don’t wanna hurt nobody “Rather than bothering them too much”.
    So you do the next best thing and get out the sexbot and do what every you want without hearing “No I don’t like it in the ass or I don’t suck dick or YOU want me to lick you where!!” Sexual Refusal could result in violence and or divorce . So If you can’t be with the ones you love then love the sexbot your with. I feel this could be a better way to deal with the pressure of our sex drive.

  54. Nanah says

    Help please! Does anyone know where I can get a japanese sex doll for women that looks this dam good? These doll are fuckin hot!

  55. Nanah says

    I am a female, and I going fuckin crazy! Does anyone know where I can find a male sex doll that looks this good? Seriously!

  56. Jesus Christizzle says

    I want to merry one. A cute half Asian half black girl with a big ghetto butt, and hot pink hair where do you buy them at online?

  57. Kimi says

    Calm down, people. They’re just dolls. Some guys and girls just aren’t very socially adept. In fact…most people are too lazy anymore to even go through the trouble to socialize with each other, because we all love our TV stereotypes of each other so much.

    “Boys are insensitive retarded walking penises and ballsacks! That’s all they care about is sex and nothing else! What’s so bad about Pride and Predjudice, honestly?!”

    “Girls are snotty bitch-princessed evil gold-digging pieces of shit! Why don’t they just shut the hell up about my pubic hair for once?”

    So, we’re a little discouraged. So what? I wouldn’t blame anybody. Everybody’s a liar. Everyone is only interested in themselves so much anymore that any interaction with the opposite [perhaps the same] gender is only for sexual and monetary gain. Not excluding the ones in deep relationship pain and actually DO have one that they love, like having your significant other in the war right now, or just plain don’t have the money for a plane ticket across the country, or maybe their parents just don’t like you that much.

    The point is, a pretty good deal of us are a bit reclusive, and for a reasonable reason in some respects.

    However, some of us are dreamers, and we like the ideallistic romance we see from Disney movies to ‘Magical Girlfriend’ anime. Oh, why can’t we be as true, pure and flawless as those ones? It looks so easy to find your true love and be so pious and never thinking of any other for any blink of any eye! So we’re not only lonely, but some of us think we’re completely hopeless!

    You just can’t suddenly run outside and expect your future spouse standing on your stoop with a holy light and daisy petals drenching them, wearing French lingerie; yet somehow, still looking so blissfully innocent. It doesn’t work like that. Not like any of us (including myself) need to be reminded.

    So…you go dig around in your penny jar for a bag o’ silk petals, a flashlight and a life-size Coin Operated Boy/Girl and you got yourself some escapism from the nagging ache of life and society until the real deal happens to come along to greet you. How long will the wait be? Who cares? Just wait, and just do whatcha can. That’s all you can do. These latex gals and guys aren’t any worse than her fascination with cucumbers, or his with that inflatable sheep.

    What’s really neat about these girls, is that they don’t have to necessarily be for sex – you can dress them up, go play Star Trek in your mom’s Astrovan, and maybe even go to Africa to tame elephants. Think of all the sweet pictures you can show the guys. The possibilities are endless!

  58. chief wiggum says

    i gotta have ove of those little latex dolls, is there an out let in the uk? if so have you got their email address plz. or can they be imported? and where to get a catalogue??

  59. says

    it wold be like haveing my own sister that wold be so cool and thats tarible what that guy did He shold have not done that
    agin Please let me know ware I Can get one I So want my own Japinese Doll and they are Extremly hord to look for extremly I Wold be so thanfoll if I got an e mail thank you

  60. says

    sorry if I have posted to much but I need to say something to some people
    Dont treat Dolls like that its not good I mean sex with a doll thats just Horible you shold take care of Dolls and Not treat them like that
    its stupid Take care of dolls Dont yous them for sex that is just sick
    when I get one I Promes to take care of it
    Dont be sick like that
    Take care of those dolls Like I sead be for when I Get mine I am going to take care of mine
    agin my e mail is Be shore to e mail thank you

  61. Red says

    Can anybody tell me the web address where I can purchase one of these. Not realdoll.comm but this Japanise silicone doll.

    Thank you

  62. S says

    Hey, I’d rather have some guy on a testosteroe high fuck this rubber doll than going out to the playground and grab my niece (or nephew…)
    This will keep all ’em weirdos off the streets. Good stuff.

  63. S says

    Hey, I’d rather have some guy on a testosterone high fuck this rubber doll than going out to the playground and grab my niece (or nephew…)
    And I am sure there is a number of wives/ g’friends who’d love to have their guys go to sleep with Dolly, while they can peacefully go to sleep.
    This will keep all ’em weirdos off the streets. Good stuff.

  64. Dan says

    WOW, Japan is way ahead of other cultures in this form of eroticism. Nothing even compares to these “Dolls” I see these Dolls replacing mannequins in finer clothing stores eventually. Absolutely, remarkable skill, in creating these works of art.
    These are the most beautiful, lifelike creations, I have ever seen.
    Very nicely done. I only want to know how I can buy some shares of this product now, while the market for these dolls is still in it’s infancy. I am very interested in the investment potential. Robotics will create even more interest in these dolls. I say, invest now and in 10 years retire.

  65. Dr.Phil says

    If guys can satisfy their sex drives with dolls, then they remove the power real women have over them. Once real women can not use sex to control or manipulate men, then they actually have to offer something else of value, like understanding or companionship or empathy, or just to wash and clean. They need to do something useful instead of just providing cunt. That is why insecure women with nothing but cunt to offer oppose these dolls. Secure women who can be friends and supportive of men won’t be threatened by these dolls

  66. Venus says

    where or how can we buy these dolls ? is there a online catalogue where we can customise or choose them ?

  67. Oskar says

    THis is the firs generation. What will offer the 2nd one…..or the 5th.?…incredible sensations that NO GIRL can give to me…..: 3 dimension movements, vibrations any where…cool in summer,….no expenses (dinners, presents….) only recharge the batteries and make sex.
    I have never understand why sex dessire between men and women is unbalanced…Men allways want to have sex…..women almost never (and I am a very nice looking guy, having always sex problems with my friends).
    Women: Your little control with men is close to finish. Fuck all you.

  68. Oskar says

    THis is the first generation. What will offer the 2nd one…..or the 5th.?…incredible sensations that NO GIRL can give to me…..: 3 dimension movements, vibrations any where…cool in summer,….no expenses (dinners, presents….) only recharge the batteries and make sex.
    I have never understand why sex dessire between men and women is unbalanced…Men allways want to have sex…..women almost never (and I am a very nice looking guy, having always sex problems with my friends).
    Women: Your little control with men is close to finish. Fuck all you.

  69. A Girl says

    Those who have these dolls or would want these dolls are all PAEDOPHILES! The dolls imitates 13 year olds!

  70. ken says

    I can see all the women going into shock and awe over this . there is suppose to be like 5 females to 1 male in this planet . and still we cant find the right female partner. Im 41 yrs 3 kids have had my heart brocken numerous times . up to my ass in child support was in a relationship for 17 years. fighting all the time but i didn’t wanna leave my kids.Finally fighting with my partner got to the point where i had to leave. I was devastated extremely depressed for a long time . I was driving in san diego with a friend and came across a place called Abyss creation the makers of reall dolls in so calif. I saved up a few months and got me a dolly. Now im less stressed and my depression has been alot less .This doll i have i know its real silicon and not alive however. its mine to love . Even if she cant love me back i get satisfaction just by having her around

  71. Jennifer says

    You people are Hitting on others to make YOURSELF feel better, dolly cannot do that nor does she have a ego that needs to improve at the expense of other human beings.

    It’s all about “money and sex” right ?
    add the word “looks” and it spells


  72. says

    Hey now here is an idea why not make these for the molesters. make em nice accurate and avaiable. Maybe we could fill an island with them and let theall the chesters go there so they won’t harm another chid. i think its worth spending millions on this absolutly!

  73. anonymouse with cheese says

    My first reaction was not negative. In fact, it was positive, considering the hidden value in these dolls. These silicone sex partners can help those rapists, pedophiles, socially inept, handicapped, and the most shallow. Hence, these flawed genes would never pass into children and rather improve society as a whole.

    For those against it, it benefits people more than harming them. Not only that, these “Dutch Wives” or RealDolls are just dildos with boobies. A glorification of masturbation… that’s all it is. By the way, I personally want to create a strong relationship with a certain someone. I want a lifelong partner that supports me and my interests. For others, I suggest you buy this cheap alternative.

  74. LOL says

    save sex, and practice =D, what else you want ?…
    go with a prostitute, to be honest if i do that i dont know how many men have pass trough there and i dont wanna risk my life….get a girlfriend?…just to have sex?..sorry but having a girlfriends isn’t just to have sex its more like a best friend to who to talk , and have fun going out to the movies or the beach, if you want a girlfriend just to have sex, shouldn’t you just get one of this dolls?…i mean you are calling women the same thing i am calling this dolls “A TOY” … and no women are not “TOYS”…they have feelings ya know!…

  75. Luthien says

    I want to buy a silicone life-like male doll. Where can I get one besides Real Doll? Do the Japanese make male Dolls? I’d love to have to use anytime I’d like. Where? Where Where? The one and only male doll selling at Real Doll has the ugliest head – and he’s on;y 5’8″ – I’d like to find a nice tall doll – completely realistic, lots of long lean muscles – and without a gapinf mouth – for penut butters sake I don’t have anything to stick in his holes – Maybe a cigar? Lords and Ladies knows!

  76. neb nefer says

    Who says there ain’t life in my dolls? Science? How many times are they wrong? religion? No comment. Society? Each differs & constantly changes. I know what I see – nothing can be done about that. I am taken care of emotionally, spiritually, & certainly physically. I learn my bounds with each – what she likes & what she don’t. Some have names before we meet. Name them something else & she let me know! i see things that, by most standards, shouldn’t exist. But there it is. Everything I thought I knew not so! I’m theirs – they’re mine. There’s nothin’ to do but live.

  77. says

    Wow. Its so grey. Like there’s black and white on this subject. But this is sooooo grey. Its such a complex thing. It scares me that I’m even talking about it. Wow. As for people thinking that it is sick??..Number one…I think lots of girls think this is sick because ..just thinking the thought….just imagining your boy friend, possible boy friend or husband fucking a fake thing…I mean a fake thing modeled after you…what you already are…..those who say you can’t get a girl friend…that’s a lie…if you think its because your ugly that dosnt matter…lots of people not too much of eye candy material are married…….its not looks…..but I think if some ones crazy enough to fuck a doll..hell…they are better off doing the doll than me winding up at there house finding it stuffed in a closet somewhere….and if any of you guys hide it from anyone shouldn’t have baught it…it means you are ashamed of it…..if you arnt…that’s you and your view of things. I think its sick as fuck. But I don’t judge those who do it. Because we are all crazy diffrent people…there are soooo many things we do that we all will never agree to. I just would say….if a guy who slept with a doll asked me out I’d say stick to dolls….don’t switch inbetween human and plastic. Its like if you want a doll….why not a human…there would be no female dolls..without females…so your obviously suppose to make do with what you have! I think everyone can have someone…its not because you can’t find someone….noooo as I said before…don’t use that lie…if you try you can…and if you are to lazy to go out and find might as well fuck the couch your laying on and never get off your ass ever. I’m done with this subject….there’s obviously so much more I could say…but I’m not judging those..well..I’m not trying to..lets put it that way, I’m not trying to judge those who want this life style….I’m just saying don’t be suprized when most of your dates say “what the hell is this?” when somthing girl like comes tumbling out of the closet

  78. Bella blue says

    This is sad. I’m a pretty sexy girl, with an extreamely high sex drive, I would love to have sex all the time, to say REAL women are not available for pleasure is SO WRONG! U boys are just scared and shy of the real thing, so u stay in your rooms playing with your toys like 5 year olds. don’t be afraid to find someone real who loves you back. there r honest good women out there waiting for you. women that want you for who you are. : )

  79. Tifyy says

    well… i am a girl and I want one of those.. but not to have sex with it (LOL!) but to have just as a part of my doll collection. it would make a nice little addition.

  80. says

    Dolls looking 12-17 should be legalized in the US since this age group is the most attractive to men of all ages though most men will deny it for legal or social reasons. There are also the feminists trying to make men marry and date only old women. They get jealous these teen girls get all the attention and are far superior physically, mentally and spiritually than those 40 year old money hungry feminists. Nature has programmed men to look for a young fertile partner who can give him many healthy children. Whether you accept it or not, that is the Law of Nature and neither the feminists or the government have been able to modify or eliminate the emotional and sexual attraction men feel toward young women. Even Joseph is said to have been 35 when he married 13 year old Mary. She got pregnant at 14 by the Holy Spirit. They’re trying to hide these fact from us Christians because it would be a shock to many Americans to find out that Christianity condones relationships between adult men and teen girls. Again, all this is natural and the current laws should be changed to respect nature. Society should also stop infantilizing teen girls. Teens are not children, they are adolescents and are mentally, emotionally and physically able to have sexual relationships and reproduce. You do not need to have an education or maturity to have sex, bear children and raise them. The mennonites do that with just an elementary school education, the indians in the Amazon don’t get past 3rd grade and they can also raise healthy and functional families. It’s Western society that has complicated things and made it impossible to survive without a high school or college education these days, that’s why the age of consent is set at 18. However, that doesn’t mean it’s wrong to have sex with underage teen girls, it’s just NOT convenient but perfectly natural. There is a website dedicated to celebrate young girls without being disrespectful to them, the site features many videos of cute girls and no one gets hurt. The site is and I’m sure many of you would be interested in it since I see you liked these 13 year old looking dolls.

  81. Hiroshi Harkok says

    Oh i rent dolr
    Dolr give good sex
    untir do doggy and drop
    it weigh much pounds
    break rittle Hiroshi
    now errection bent rike dolr creater.

  82. jade says

    i want one, im not a perve, but i got a girlfriend who is. and she want one. this puts a big smile one my face

  83. S.S.Dwivedy says

    Pl. let me know the purchase procedure of a love doll.I am an Indian.Is there any outlet in India! Pl.inform in my E-mail address.


  84. says

    I am twice married with 3 kids . I am age 50yrs. In all my yrs I would say I have had sex with more than 50 women. recently i was seperated, the thought of getting “hooked ” again was quite disturbing. Anyway i have corresponded and dated a dozen women with no soul mate in sight.

    I would say there is no issue here as we are dealing with 2 aspects of a human being namely ….Emotional and Physical. Its so simple when i am horny or just want female Company I can either have the Real thing or get a LOVEDOLL. Either way I get my load off but with the doll I guess I wont be in a hurry to get my soul mate also its so very convenient to have a “RELEASE”.. Soul mate being feeding ones mental emotional and sometimes Physical aspect. Yes i would like to purchase a lovedoll as it is only a means to an end.Now that i am staying alone i find the thought of SOMETHING as in like a BEING being around is quite comforting.
    Lets not get too emotional over a PHYSICAL Exercise of a sexual kind. This does not threaten the exixtence of Mankind( Not that big an issue la!!! )

  85. bobbles says

    I don’t even know why this is controversial?

    They’re just sex aids, simple as that – nothing more, nothing less.

    They are vibrators for men.
    Do we say to the millions of women who openly own dildos:

    You loser, get a life
    The devil will curse you, sicko
    You need to get out and meet real men
    Sick perves, lol
    If I found a dildo in my gf’s drawer I would say stick to dildos

    and so on…

    And don’t bother saying ‘yeah but these are based on real humans’ unless you’ve never seen a vibrator before.

  86. bobbles says

    @ lover,

    Don’t you dare presume to elect yourself spokesperson for all men!
    I have nieces around the age you’re talking about and if some perv so much as looked at them in that manner I would kill them and I mean that seriously.

    I am attracted to ‘fully’ formed women who are old enough to make mature, informed decisions about their sexual activities – and it actually genuinely upsets and disgusts me that people like you are looking at underdeveloped females with these thoughts in mind.

    And that bible shit – I could just as easily say that some character did just about anything I wanted and claim they removed it from the text. It doesn’t wash mate.

    And I hope all the people looking at the website you mentioned get tracked down and arrested.

  87. says

    lover, what you say is 100% true. Christians should respect the laws of nature. You have posted the most intelligent answer on this page!!! You’re a genius!!

    I visited the website and it’s great. It does celebrate teen girls in a respectful and clean way.

    Bobbles, you’re definitely a closet pedophile. You should be ashamed of you looking at your own nieces, you perv!

  88. Colin says

    I am happily married and we are both very sexually active together. But I also find these dolls very appealing. There is nothing wrong with that at all.

    Sex with my wife is love making and sex with a doll is masturbation. What is the difference between looking at a porno mag, a woman using a vibe or a man using a doll?… NOTHING!

    Those people who get enraged and who can’t understand this type of sexual outlet clearly have some form of serious closet problem.

    End of discussion

  89. Gianna says

    Amen, that Charlie doll on Abyss is just unattractive, I hope they make more male dolls, and better looking in the face!

  90. Grisler says

    How can I get my nagging wife to buy me a few of these cuties so that she can get out of my house for good.

  91. burton says

    There is nothing wrong with admiring beauty. Those dolls are beautiful. I would prefer a doll with a Brazilian face over a Japanese face. I think Brazilian girls are incredibly cute. Just look at these faces, specially the teen girls : . All these are Brazilian, aren’t they cute? Why don’t the Japanese doll makers start producing dolls with a Brazilian face or even a European face?

  92. horror movie fan says

    um for those who think of american women and have a few thousand just go to and for japanese the 4 woods links will be at amongst other links i can’t say anything about brazilian yet but they have european androids at andy droid they where using them for sexuality right now but other uses are sure to come but my favs are still the 4 woods dolls its a great site to check out

  93. KHolli says

    Ugh, Burton! Next time warn people when the address for pics you leave has very young/young-looking kids on it! While “Brazillian Women” are lovely, I could live a lifetime without looking at what appears to be a pagefull of “Brazillian Pre-Teens and Kids”… sheesh… That’s just plain icky. Please just warn people.

    To Sara, RealDoll does have a male doll, and from the pictures, he looks pretty good, but a little too “Ken Doll” and fake in my opinion. The problem with male dolls is partly how young and unmasculine the faces appear. Female dolls look great because of the perfect skin but I think perfect skin hinders the appeal of male dolls. RealDolls are also very heavy, which makes them hard to manuver. I would like to see a male version of the “TeddyGirl”. That might be easier to handle and nicer to cuddle, if they ever decide to do it.

  94. Hal says

    To “Lover”

    It is misleading to state that most men prefer women between the ages of 12 to 17. For one, it’s not true. If you read any recent report on human sexuality and sexual preference, there are huge variances, but most average men actually prefer a fully mature adult female. If you look at hetero-male age specific sexual preference as a bell curve, with age extremes on either end, the center of that curve falls on women in thier mid-twentys. Because of the massive shift in life expectancy in first world countries over the last 100 years (from 45 or 50 years in 1900 to 75+ years in 2007), there has been a coinciding societal shift in the average age of marriage and sexual availability as well as a cultural shift in the perception of sexual attractivness.

    Due to this wide-reaching cultural shfit, it is also not true that 12-17 year olds are emotionally mature enough to handle sex or parenting. Just because a very young woman’s body can create a baby, it does not mean that she can do this without a very high cost to her own well-being, both emotionally and physically. Especially if she does not live in a society (or family) that will assist and support a young woman and that teaches very young women how to engage in sex or how to parent. In that situation, early sex and child bearing can cause enormous emotional trauma and can negatively affect thier health as well.

    You talk about third world cultures having no problem with young women (12-17) having sex and bearing children and that people don’t need an education to raise children. I disagree both statements.

    Why do you suppose third world countries are not first world countries? Well, higher education has a lot to do with it. So does low infant mortality rates and high levels of nitritution and advanced health care.

    In a first world country, there is no need and no cultural bias to look to very young females with sex or reproduction in mind, it is actually considered an unhealthy preoccupation of men who feel intimidated by fully mature adult women.

    I don’t know of any first world non-tribal nation or society that encourages 12-17 year old women to engage in sexual relationships with much older men. Sexual preference for a twentysomething woman is actually considered a sign of civilized advancement and mental/emotional stability. Also, with human parents, the older the mother, the more well adjusted and successful the offspring.

    Lastly, a woman’s ideal child bearing age – based on tremendous medical research- is also the mid- twentys.

    I think your arguments are nonsense and that you may feel more at home (in your sexual preference for very young uneducated females) if you move to Afganistan or Sudan, where your behavior is considered a little closer to “normal”.

    BTW – sex dolls are very normal. They have even been used by therapists in treatment programs.

  95. says

    i want to get distribution of your sexy dolls for fucking in Pakistan to safe the human from various diseases and also control to birth. can u guide me about getting distribution of these dolls and other product like condoms

  96. Buck says

    Someone said “sick, maybe, you should get a boyfriend” On the contrary, she should get a male love doll! ( X D )

  97. light yagami says

    Many people don’t understand these are “dolls”, if you want to have your way with a doll… that’s fine. No one should stop you, but I think less people would have something negative to say if some people would stop stating that the dolls can actually replace the need for a real life partner.

    Would I buy one? Yes. I’d be stupid not to. Would I stop dating? No. There is no need, life as we know it would end. (Duh)

  98. Mick MacLeod says

    I found this website while doing a search informationon “love” dolls. Afte reading all 153 entries, The responses seem to fall into three or four categories. First, there are those who feel that use of the dolls are a pervrsion, but usefull because it will reduce rape and child molestation. These people are absolutely wrong. Rape has nothing to do with sexual satisfaction. rapists are people who have a perverted need to physically and mntally dominate and control another person. Child molesters (I think) are people whose emotiaonal developments has fossilized at an early level and they can only satisfy there sexual needs in an abhorrent manner with small children.
    Second, there are people who think the use of these dolls are a perversion because they have religious views that support these views.
    Third, some who posted on this forum believe that using these dolls extending the sexual objectivization of women as much of pornography does. I would sugges these people look up Candida Roylae who has become a spokesman for pornography for couples.
    Fourth, these people believe that the use of these dolls is simply an extension of masturbation for both men and women.

    I tend to fall into that category. I am a 70 year old male who has been happily married for 37+ years. When I started going out with my wife I was attracted to her intellect and her gentleness. As we fell in love, I also fell in love with her emotional support she provided. She is my best friend and has satisfied my intellectual and emotional needs for over 37 years. About four years ago our physical intimacy disappeared. In our last conversation she told me she no longer has any interest in physical intimacy. She now sleeps in our spare bedroom. We have talked about it, but she is not interested in marriage counseling or discussing this with her doctor. I still need sexual outlet, but my own belief system precludes going outside outside of our marriage. I still love my wife and would never consider divorce. To lose my best friend and my intellectual and emotional support just for sexual gratification is not viable. As most people who need sexual release I have begun masturbating again. Unfortunately masturbation is too one dimensional. Even when you find photos of nude women (even those posed in sexual intercouse), masturbation doesn’t satisfy one’s needs completely.

    At this point I decided to look at so-called love or sex dolls. My ignorance of these dolls was great. I had seen pictures of the blow-up vinyl dolls, but they offer very little more than a photo. However during this search I discovered latex and silicone dolls. These are much more sophisticated and offer a better masturbationary experience. The silicone dolls in particular offer two advantages: first, the physical image is much more realistic and second, they offer tactile sensation that closely approximates that of a real woman (or man for male dolls). Until the technology increase to include life-like motions and responses, this is the best experience we will have.
    I’m not sure whether, I will purchase one of these dolls. The expense is quite considerable. I also need to talk with my wife to see how the presence of this “Sex Object” would affect her and our relationship. I also need to determine how I will respond to this doll. After all the nearly 37 years of making love with my wife and her responses will be missing from this doll. I also wonder how I would feel if my wife brought a male doll to her bed.

    I have written this long post and included my personal reasons, because human sexuality is such a complex process and we all need to understand this process better. Some times I think the human race would be better off if sex was just another physical activity and there were no limits as to who we had sex with or how we had sex. Unfortunately that will have to happen in a more enlightened age we simply are not programmed to accept that behavior.
    Mick MacLeod

  99. MOP says

    um…. so yeah, say these are expensive sex toys /companion…. BUT IT DISTURBS ME THAT THEY LOOK LIKE CHILDREN.

    That is where the line needs to be drawn.

  100. walsojn says

    QUOTE: “I don’t know of any first world non-tribal nation or society that encourages 12-17 year old women to engage in sexual relationships with much older men. Sexual preference for a twentysomething woman is actually considered a sign of civilized advancement and mental/emotional stability. Also, with human parents, the older the mother, the more well adjusted and successful the offspring.

    Lastly, a woman’s ideal child bearing age – based on tremendous medical research- is also the mid- twentys.”

    It’s NOT true that the older the mother, the more well adjusted and successful the offspring. It’s actually the opposite considering that after 30 years (in the mother) the offspring has a higher chance of Down syndrome and other problems. Also, male semen starts decaying at 35.

    Please provide the source of the medical research that states the midtwentys are the best age for child bearing. As far as I know, it’s under 23 years old.

    I have been to third world countries where 14 year old girls marry 25 or even 30 year olds. These marriages usually last a lifetime and they have big families with more than 5 children. Now, compare that to the ULTRA HIGH divorce rates in so called “first world” nations which are actually “government/corporation controlled nations”.

    Natural age for having sex, bearing children and even marrying is when puberty is reached. This can happen at 15, 14 or even 11 or 10. I recently knew of a 10 year old Brazilian indian girl who had a baby at 10. She had no problem at all having it and the government respected the pregnancy because it’s a natural thing in indian tribes. If that had happened in the US, the father would be arrested, called a sexual pervert and listed as an offender for the rest of her life. The girl would probably had been forced to abort. How civilized is this? What about RESPECT for NATURE? Don’t you “civilized” people know what that means? Or do you just care about following the imposition of your government that prohibits sex before the age of 18 so that women and men don’t stop their education and can be productive slaves of the economic system.

    Who determined 18 was the right age? And what makes him believe that’s the right age?

    People are ready to have sex at much younger ages and they’re physically, mentally and emotionally ready for it. If anybody disagrees, then tell me why you think you need a college degree or an education of some sort to have sex, bear children and raise them? You don’t need NOTHING. The indians in Brazil don’t even finish elemntary school and guess what? They’re making healthy children much better than we in “civilized nations”.

    A college degree is a requirement of the ECONOMIC SYSTEM and NATURE is not responsible for our stupidity in creating such a complex system that requires you to spend more than 20 years of your life studying in order to survive. Brazilian indians and many other ethnic groups don’t study that much, they just study basic things and learn how to fish, hunt, etc. They probably have a much higher quality of life than us overworked, stressed, slave people.

    What I try to say is that we should respect NATURE and stop thinking that being attracted to adolescents is wrong or immoral. It’s natural, at least for men. Women are different. They look for maturity, for a provider, someone who will listen to them, etc. That’s why they like OLDER men and not teenagers. That’s why they don’t understand men when a 40 year old finds a 17 year old attractive. It’s in men’s genes! It’s normal and natural since men are looking for FERTILITY, VIGOR.

  101. Tom says

    I read all 160 posts and have to say I am fascinated by the whole subject of sex-dolls. I just saw a stupid movie (Lars and the Real Girl) in which Lars “falls for” a “Bianca.” The problem with this movie is that Lars seriously thought Bianca was real. But it was also kind of cute how he was able to overcome his shyness by “practicing” human interaction (e.g., speaking with, not anything else since they slept in separate rooms). It was really sad that he had all this excitement about the delivery of his “new girlfriend” in a crate. But seriously, I find these dolls very fine works of art. What does bother me–as stated by several folks–is that they look too much like children. In my opinion, this is simply wrong. I know the Japanese men have something for young girls, but I think this is more perverted, than healthy. As for it being more normal to have sex with younger girls (e.g., various tribal customs), this may be true, but American society is NOT ready to have men with relationships with young girls. Maybe age 18 is arbitrary and too high. Perhaps 16-17 makes much more sense, I’m not sure. But I do think men who have a physical attraction to young girls are probably lacking in emotional development. Of course, if there weren’t so many hormones and antibiotics in our poultry and beef, many girls would not mature so quickly and look so “attractive” at 12 and 13 (minus the overweight ones and the junk food junkies, of course).

    But back to the dolls, I think they ARE wonderful works of art and I would not mind having one as long as they look 18 or older. Now, I have to get back to work! Saving up $6,500 to $9,999 is going to take some effort! (Heh, necessitity is the mother of invention, isn’t it?) No more time to be writing posts on the internet–even if I do type 70 wpm. BTW, I have had many girlfriends and have one now. I’m sure sex with my girlfriend is much better than sex with a doll. Maybe if I get one, I’ll put it in a wheelchair like “Bianca” in Lars and the Real Girl. That way I can say “I’m not handicapped, it’s Biancha who is! Actually, I think I would NOT buy one, because I like to think of myself as having no handicaps, emotional or not. Besides, my girlfriend would probably not like the idea. But, in summary to my rambling post, I would say I have NO problem with the idea of life-like dolls but I think they should look over 17, especially if you’re to have sex with them. And on the question of using one’s imagination (fantasy–common in any type of sex), Einstein said this: “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” If I imagine, for example, $6,500 in my bank account in six months, (and totally focus on this), it will happen. But since our economy is crashing, I’ll more likely go buy gold, than a sex-doll. Still, I want one! (I hope my girlfriend doesn’t read this post!)

  102. nox says

    if you are looking for good dolls like the one above check out
    “’ “”

  103. Mishiato says

    Some people here are forgetting that sometimes us women like to make love with these types of dolls too!

    If it stops men from getting sex with force I don’t see any problem with it. More power to them, it also cuts down on illegal prostitution.

  104. says

    sure Mishiato, have you really thought that through? I can hear it now “Hmm, I could just hit that hot girl over there over the head and take sex from her. Oh wait! look I have $7000 in my poket! I think instead of raping the hot girl or giving that prostitue $100 for a half hour, I will go buy a $6547 love doll and go home and snuggle by the fire while watching the history channel…”

    I really dont see that happening somehow…

  105. Kalis says

    I’m a doll collector, and she reminds me of BJDs…..I wish I could get one that wasnt a sex doll, i think she’d make a lovely anime custom. I’m a girl btw, i reached this page while looking for paper moon dolls…..not what i expected!

    • Mewki says

      Same here! They do remind me about BJDs… I came across this page while searching for mannequins for my AP art class. When I heard about the silicone “mannequin” I went looking to see what they looked like…’cept…its a sex doll..o.0
      In any case, it being a sex doll or not, doesn’t really matter to me. It’s anatomically correct in pretty much every possible way and I think its amazing!! I’m actually thinking about buying one for cosplaying. And, seeing as how, unlike BJDs, which I have at home, the clothes won’t be so difficult to fit because of the silicone. Something like this, especially for me in an all girls high school, is actually admirable. Such a doll shouldn’t be seen for only one purpose. I think its great for art as well. So overall, it’s not always good to think wrongly of a man buying a doll like this (even if it is for sexual pleasure). It may be simply for the purpose of art. I think its structure is wonderful.

  106. Theresa says

    This is a good idea. Right now, i’m about to go crazy. I wish they would make a young africian american silcone male doll if the japanese makes it. I really wanted one but i hate it’s cost soo damn much. I tried research the cheaper sex doll but it’s soo damn ugly i can’t work with that. I’ll better off with a dildo. That’s a good idea. For real straight. Good for people like me becaue i have a mental illness and i can’t get with real men. I just can’t. I can’t even get with a well known celebrity let alone. If they make them things for a woman like me and look that damn good???? You got my vote. As for now, i’m close to hitting and 40 and and if they make those in male silcone african american type ones and look that damn good???? by by real motherfuckers.

  107. Theresa says

    seriously, they need to make more especially for women like us. I’m from a usa, coming from a lame ass city. I can’t find me a decent men. There are professional men true. But most of them taken, if they gay they two way. My experience. I was atrractive to a guy who i used to go to church and he hurts me really badly. He hurts me to the put i can’t even socialized anymore. Most men in chicago are dogs straight up!!!!!! All of them. With this male doll, no problems, you don’t have worry about lying, cheating, betrayal, this doll will be with you 24/7. That’s a very good idea I wish they would make a male african american doll.

  108. says

    It´s would be so great, if we would have real dolls sex dolls in germany. Now i´m must visit Tokyo for rent a sexy doll.

  109. lonely lover says

    truly a work of art a pitty i will never own one, for they are far to expencive for me :( dare to dream

  110. Rock Climber says

    . . .no say “I dont like today”
    . . .no say “Im tired, leave me alone”
    . . .no complain
    . . .no blah balh blah
    . . .whatever position she will
    . . .whatever and whenever shes ready
    . . .same tight, same smell

    what else?

  111. says

    this is my prediction these dolls are going to change the world forever.2 greatest inventions of all times the air conditioner and the sex doll

  112. hary22 says

    a playstation3, Xbox and one of this cut, perfect and hot dolls
    Iwill very happy and no need for moore
    for me, all that i want (and the it real for the most men) is sex, and nothing else
    finaly we will be free and happys

  113. Paulcupidon says

    I don’t think I’m too crazy or weird. I can have normal relationships. I’ve had 3.

    Now I’m ordering a doll.

    I still want to find a woman to live with and eventually have children with, but I know it’s not easy to find the ideal partner.

    In the meantime I don’t want forget about sex and one-night stands are not my thing. So I think getting a doll makes sense, sure it’s expensive, but they’re so cute. I could afford it, so I ordered.

    Am I nuts?

    PS: walsojn I loved your post and applaud you.

  114. XXX says

    I wouldn’t be so keen on using a rental version!
    I happen to have my own doll on order from a company called
    The one I’m getting is male and I cannot WAIT!!! Their female dolls are quite stunning as well. Check some of the doll sites out before dismissing the idea….

  115. Wayne says

    Oh come on you must be sik and very desperate to buy 1 of these rubber things, u can go to a club, a bar something try talk to a drunk girl and get laid if u don’t want a relationship. It’s against the laws of nature tu shag an object it’s the same thing like paying a prostitute(a clean one) u must be retarded tu pay for for “pussy”(sorry) its just SICK, GET A F……ing LIFE

  116. DarknessMatterS says

    I don’t Fuck’ing get what you all are debating here. .
    who cares if one’s buy the doll . .it’s their farking money. . not yours. . you don’t lose a single pennies.
    and what’s more.. .you people keep talking rubbish. .relationship / romance / emotions . .WTF man?? are you all being jealous of that farking Doll? . .
    people buying this shet because they are trying to furfil their long dirty stupid dreams. . a relationshipwith “Real women” is another matter.. will you love the love doll? OF COURSE FAKING NO RIGHT. .you must crazy if you do that. .
    The faking doll is just like some people said. .”expensive tools for masturbation ” it’s the same like you filthy dirty people who buy dildo . .its the same. ..GOT IT?
    i don’t buy or have this kind of shet. . but i don’t care less people who got it since it’s your faking money that we talking here.

  117. Gary Kerr says

    I think it’s a wonderful idea and cannot wait for the service t0 be available in Canada. Lets face facts Whores are expensive anyways, and the potential for disease transmition is high. These dolls can be sterilized were as human beings cannot, and the price for rentals I’m sure will be comparable to renting a whore for an hour.

  118. topquark says

    Dolls are the best things to have happened in the present circumstances. Why should men waste their precious time, money , and energy wooing unreliable women. Dolls come in variety of shapes, sizes, colours, spare parts , different faces . Every day he can change the person. Man wants sex and women wants money. Let women go behind money and leave us alone. We have better things to do after sex to explore this world. After-all it was man who spearheaded all discoveries of the world and he will keep it that way.
    Woman power and belligerency is stalling man’s evolutionary process because of man’s dependency on women for sex. Now he is slowly seeing freedom !

  119. W.Wright says

    Why does it matter if another person wants to fuck a doll even if it looks like a child, why even debate it, there’s more important things to worry about in life. the question should be why do people have an issue with it, if it keeps those interested out of the street and other civilians safe from sexual abuse even if for a while its doing more than the police can. the biggest question of all should be what will have the most negative impact on society.

  120. Corvus Rabiatus says

    Well, I’m going through a divorce and am therefore not overly interested in a relationship. I have enough on my plate to figure out right now and would not be able to honestly dedicate myself and provide the love, honor and dedication to potential partner.
    Despite the fact that I’m in my upper fifties, I still have a fairly strong libido and definitely have a strong appreciation of female beauty. Another thing is that it important for older men to regularly ‘clean-out’ the duct-work or else face increased chances of prostate-cancer.
    So yes, I used to masturbate a lot until I finally got over my doll hangup and got one.
    I should have done that looong ago and have expanded my collection in order to try out the different types to see what works best for me and under which circumstances.
    My anxiety and stress is way down and let’s face it, it is much healthier to make the natural movements when practicing this with a doll, than using only the ‘Rosie Palm’, so it actually helps me a bit to keep in shape. For the aspect of masturbation, I find that the silicone dolls work best for me, but for just cuddling, I prefer the plush or foam ones.
    Since I am not that tall myself, I have chosen smaller sized and almost child-like dolls. Not that I have unwholesome or strong predilection towards very young girls, but more so out of practical reasons like ‘her’ being a lot easier to clean and to store, although truth be told ‘she’ is normally always in my bed. Not always so much for my sexual needs, but sometimes when feeling lonely and sleepless it’s nice to have something to cuddle with.
    So yeah, although I do miss the real warmth and connection of a relationship, this works for me in a very practical and enjoyable way.

  121. kim says

    I was reading some of there post. Does it bother you guy that much ??? I mean really?? Bunch of you of all people acted liked a stupid spoil brat. You guy complain as if you guy are in such a perfect world. Hello down to earth? Many people may find this suitable. And fun then real life women. For how some women find rubber, plastic, silicone penis better than the real justa way typo pleasure themself..for your information, haven’t you guy ever thought aboutthose who haveahard time with th ladies!?! Nowa day women only goes for looks and yea yea blah blah youknow whatI’mtalking about…people thatcriticise otherare the worst kind of people. Theyjudge other. If their world is so perfect. My foot. Some of you say it weird, but isn’t the world it’s full of shitty people, corrupted people??? Everything isn’t already so perfect when YOU STEP OUT OF YOUR DAMN CIRCLE.
    If the person liked it let them. They don’t go judging you, do they? People like these whojudge i just dislike then so much.
    People have interest of their own..i mean these doll are cute. I wouldn’t mind getting one tho dress up.(I’ma girl) yes i would like one to dress up n fix it up with make up hair n clothe..since they don’t fuss around..maybe that one reason. Some women can be bitchy like a true spoil

    it just so annoying yet it can be fun for them. Hmmm….seem like those who judge the most is the one who is weird lol. This just crack me up…LOL

  122. says

    Honestly buying a doll is cheaper than a long time relationship but I would still prefer a long time relationship and real sex.

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