Shogi, Tokyo street style

According to the little note, one of these men will draw passersby a picture that’ll apparently make them happy. But, while that may generate a bit of cash, and be a creative outlet, it clearly can’t compete with the fun a friend and a game of shogi can bring.



    • says

      Thanks! It’s interesting you think that. Initially the photo didn’t do much for me, but after going back to it and converting it to black and white, it grew on me. It was great to find two real characters. And even more so to capture them having so much fun.

  1. Matt says

    Black and white definitely suits this photo so well. The old guy with the beard looks like he would have some tales to tell. He’d make a fantastic portrait subject. Great shot.

    • says

      Cheers Matt. Yes, I dare say he’s led a very interesting and varied life. Pretty sure he’s the one who does the drawings too. If I see him again (and he’s not preoccupied) I’ll see what he comes up with to make me happy.

  2. says

    I saw this same guy (on the left) in the same spot (recognize the stone wall) on a trip to Japan in May 2010, and took a photo of him as well. Not as good as this one, but he is a photogenic dude.

  3. mimi says

    I really like this photo.
    also I just noticed they are snazzy dressers. Look at those jeans and pinstripe pants.

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