• says

      He struck me as more the host type. At least with his hair and clothes. The hat though doesn’t quite fit that profession. Unless of course it’s his way of differentiating himself from all the other, almost identical, hosts.

      • Jon says

        Great photos Lee as usual. Lurker here but thought I’d chime in on this.

        I worked as a host for two years in both Minami and Kabukicho where I was the only non-Japanese host.

        We’d wear giant bowties or wigs from ドン・キホーテ sometimes as conversation pieces for getting girls to come to the club. After all, being a host is all about being an entertainer. Within the club we’d have cosplay days and other fun events where the standard skinny suit didn’t matter.

        • says

          Thanks! And thanks for the comment too. Fascinating. I’ve seen bits about the life of a Japanese host, but never heard from a foreigner doing the same.

          If you don’t mind me asking, how were those two years? An experience for sure, but on the whole a good or bad one?

  1. winnie says

    Don’t he feel cold? But I do like his dressing Style even though if he is a host or not.

    • says

      Fashion clearly comes before warmth! That said, we’ve had love some lovely, mild days over New Year in Tokyo.

    • says

      There’s something about top hats I really like. Not sure what exactly. But what I am sure of is that I could never ever wear one. Or at least wear one without looking like a complete idiot.

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