Shichi-Go-San sulk?

The tradition of Shichi-Go-San (Seven-Five-Three) goes back many years, and has also seen many changes, with the current practice involving kids of the required age getting all dolled up, going to a shrine, and perhaps most importantly posing for lots of pictures for the family as well as later with a pro.


All of which may well be fun for older family members, but for a three year-old, constant posing combined with a very uncomfortable kimono can also make for more than a few miserable moments.



  1. says

    It is nice to see the kimono still in use from time to time. Though she looks miserable now, perhaps one day she’ll look back at the picture and think “that really is pretty”.

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    Definitely the practice of dressing up for photos is relatively recent… but I have to admit that even our family has started doing it (when we go to Japan that is). Keeps the photo studies going along quite nicely, and yes it’s a nice memory when you look back at the photos.

  3. says

    Yeah, agrre with the comments. She looks very… unconfortabe in that space suit, hahahaha. Just joking. Those pictures with the whole family, are great. If you get to see one from very long ago, it makes you think….. certainly.

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    LOL! You should have seen my husband’s shichi-go-san photos. His wasn’t even a sulk, but an entire storm brewing. I tease him about it every now and then.

    Long time lurker, first time commenter. Hope that’s OK. :)
    Have a great week!

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      From what I’ve heard, a few sulks at the very least seem par for the course, so your husband will have an enormous number of sympathisers!

      And thanks for the comment. Good to hear from you.

  5. Morten says

    When I saw the first photo I instantly thought, Ozu, it looks just like a scene out of one of his films, with the low camera position, portraying some kind of family situation :)

    I must say, I really enjoy scrolling through your site, some lovely pictures, and small stories with then too :)

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