Shibuya glamour on Shibuya Crossing

Late at night, Shibuya Crossing is a heaving mass of half-cut humanity, with absolutely ludicrous numbers of people heading towards the station to squeeze on to even busier last trains home. But, if judged correctly, there should still be just enough time to quickly capture a captured memory.

Shibuya crossing glamour


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      Yeah, they do. The pose is obviously a big factor, but perhaps more so due to them being stationary, and everyone else quite the opposite.

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      Definitely Shibuya, but they are certainly not Japanese. On a realted note I’ve found it interesting of late how the tourists arriving here have changed over the years. At one time white English speakers seemed to be the most dominant, but that’s not the case anymore. Or at least it doesn’t seem that way.

  1. Kai says

    Hi! Thank you for capturing an amazing photo of my friend and me! Do you mind if I repost this?

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