Sexy sumo

Regular readers of Tokyo Times who are more inclined towards viewing scantily clad men than women, may well complain of being continually short-changed on visits here. A charge that admittedly would be very difficult to argue against.

Yet that said, any underwear-sporting or flesh-baring young ladies that do appear on these pages, are in no way used for mere titillation. Rather, the coincidentally attractive and suggestively attired women just happen to be an integral part of events or news stories that due to their significance are impossible to ignore.

I mean, could the earth-shatteringly important release of another themed bra and panty set be left off these pages just because they include a slightly racy picture? Or when it comes to the burning media issues of the day, could omitting coverage of daytime TVs battle of the breasts be justifiable just because it contains a gratuitous image of some mammoth mammaries? Of course not.

Still, there’s no denying there remains an imbalance, so in attempt to redress the situation somewhat, here’s a picture of three beefy and bare-chested beauties.

naked sumo

But hold on a sec, there’s more here than meets the eye. Well, a little more anyway. Taken post-bout, the full image finds our three hunks relaxed and carefree, having rather alarmingly discarded their wrestling attire.

Needless to say, the picture is definitely not safe for work, but by clicking the image above a new and enlarged version will present itself. However whilst revealing a few minor details, it doesn’t give us any indication of what the three chaps were talking about. Or, judging by his hand movements, if the fella on the right was paying the slightest bit of attention.

*Special thanks (I think) to Louisa for the picture.


  1. Kearneycation says

    Ha, that’s the greatest photo I’ve ever seen. I’m sending it indiscriminately over MSN.

  2. Tamanokaze says

    This photo has been shown to be a fake years ago. Even if it weren’t, so what?

  3. nishinoshima says

    as the person above commented this is a famous fake. you can see the photoshopped mawashi if you look close enough and musoyamas hands are resting on what? thin air? a decent newspaper would check something like this out before publishing it

  4. says

    Ahhh… I’m disappointed to learn it’s a fake (party poopers!). I was laughing all through the text and then the “enlarged” photo knocked me off my chair. Great entry just the same.

  5. Tanuki-san says

    I have another photo of these guys…and it isnt as safe as this one.
    the guy holding his well…thing and the otehr are kissing and well, very very close.

    • jimmy says

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  6. agus says

    Eh …m.its so hot and sexy I like to see more send to my email picture or photo pplease thanks. Arigato gonzaimas

  7. yohan says

    i love what i see these sexy hot sumo nude dicks wow awesome wanna see more and more of it and close ups

  8. ninoygeorge says

    I love sexy sumos as well, if you indeed have those pictures, pls send them to my email. Thanks

  9. LORD SAMOA says

    hahahahha it is very little their.but it seems they have sex well hahahahaha.good pic thanks

  10. heru says

    I love sumo… N I always thingking play sex with them…
    I love. Love n sexy sumo… Are there the video sex sumo cum or pee please tell me

  11. james says

    I cliked on the pic but nothing happened. I would just love to see their dicks. Now I am frustrated.

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