Seeing eye-to-eye in Tokyo’s shadows?

Or perhaps more accurately, not seeing eye-to-eye in Tokyo’s shadows?

Tokyo shadows


  1. says

    Love the eye contact with the woman on the right; I started looking a little more into the work of William Klein and noticed that he almost always has somebody on the side looking into the lens; really brings me into the shot. Nice!
    I’ve got a link to a great video of Klein’s work here:

    • says

      Thanks a lot!

      That’s funny. I’ve been on a Klein kick of late too (saw the very same documentary a while ago), and that’s something I noticed with his work. In the past I’ve always tried to be as discreet as possible and not be a part of the photo as it were, but seeing Klein’s photographs has made me reassess that approach. Interaction of some sort really does work. Or at least he certainly makes it work.

      I’d love to get hold a copy of his, Life Is Good & Good For You In New York, but unless I rob a bank or win the lottery, that’s never going to happen. Been looking for an errata edition, however. Obviously nothing like the original, but as near as I’ll ever get. Good quality too by all accounts:

  2. Andy says

    Whoah! The eye really pulls you into the picture. It’s a fantastic shot but also a somewhat eerie one, methinks. O_O

    (Btw.: where in Tokyo to did you take it? The location looks somewhat familar to mine eyes, but I cannot
    really put it on any location.)

    • says

      Thanks! Yeah, I know what you mean. Slightly sinister somehow.

      Oh, and it was taken in Ueno. Just off Ameyokocho.

  3. Willy says

    looks like a suitably well patronized and unglamorous ramen joint up a back alley… Perfect.

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