1. Tyler says

    Creepy… But you sure have a eye for great and vividly different subjects all the time, Lee!

    • says

      Thank you!

      Bit of an odd one, isn’t it? Such a ramshackle structure too.

      A chance find. Down a tiny side street. And one of those lovely moments when the timing is just right.

    • says


      It obviously works better with a much bigger image, but like you say, the search makes it interesting. And then once you see her, it’s hard to see anything else…

    • says


      I heard her, but describing it as a scream would be something of an exaggeration.

      She was struggling on the steps, and fortunately the light caught her at just the right time. But what exactly she was doing I honestly don’t know.

  2. willy says

    Yep.. there is a scream that represents quite succinctly the fear I have of living in Tokyo. Hence.. I never lived there… But I can still hear them scream.
    Top pic Lee..

    • says

      Thanks, Willy.

      Completely understand. As much as I love living here, I’m well aware of how many people do/would feel the compete opposite. I certainly feel the urge to regularly leave too. Trips. Days away and the like. All very necessary.

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