Retro Tokyo fashion?

The future was once said to be so bright that people had to wear shades, but now it’s presumably just fashion rather than any particular feeling.

retro Japanese fashion


    • says

      Yeah, despite the danger of them just looking like novelty items, she definitely manages to make them look good.

  1. winnie says

    I think she look cute with the sunglasses! :) Some of the ladies like them as it is one of their important Fashion accessories.
    When my daughter is about 4 years old, she would like to wear this. But not now, as she have serious myopia.

  2. Steko says

    Looks like the old timey mustache meme has escaped North America. I’ll inform the trilateral commission.

  3. Jeffrey says

    “Fashion”? There’s so much wrong going on in her “outfit” that I can’t name it all, and I can’t even see her legs or feet!

    Gaijin often comment on how there seem to be so many “pigeon-toed” Japanese women. I think the most common Japanese malady must be color-blindness (followed closely by pattern-cluelessness).

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      LOL, it is like photography: when you first start you get all these rules of composition you must follow but you end up with the same photos as everybody else; once you start breaking the rules, the more the better, you get a better photograph until it suddenly becomes a snapshot again. I lost track of what I wanted to say, but I guess the girl is either brilliant, or just turned into a “snapshot.” :-)

        • says

          That’s a very good way of putting it. A description that makes me think of Martin Parr. And so with that in mind, let’s go for brilliant eh?

          Or maybe as John said, simply just happy.

          • Jeffrey says

            I agree, Hans, but it’s such a fine line and few people possess “the eye” for that. Christ, just consider some of the atrocities that designers trot out for the run way, and these people are professionals!

            I know it’s better to be scene rather than herd, but in Japan, the scenesters all run around in herds.

  4. john says

    Moustache meme jumper sighted in UK this very evening!
    So this seems current fashion?
    At least for a little colour clash one can wear shades,
    and what better way to complement them than with a nice moustache 8o{

    • says

      It appears so. I have been reliably informed that the design was first made popular by Tatty Devine. There’s no point me trying to explain, because I can’t, but this link might help.

  5. LAObserver says

    Great photo Lee. Retro is becoming repeat-o. Everything seems to go away then come back again. Then length of women’s skirts, the width of men’s ties and etc. Maybe this little lady is just the start of another fad cycle.

    • says

      Thanks! Yeah, it’s very cyclical, although what part of the process she’s at I couldn’t even begin to guess…

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