• says

      Yes, that’s what I thought. Interesting and very sad at the same time.

      It was in Tokyo. In Nezu. I can probably give you the exact location if you want it.

  1. winnie says

    I like this drawing as it’s well draw and creative too.
    But the content of drawing seem a bit offensive.

    • says

      That’s interesting Winnie. Personally I don’t find it offensive, but instead an almost Banksy-esque dig at TEPCO, the government, and the on-going saga at Fukushima Daiichi.

  2. john says

    Much too hot and exhausting in those suits! In the UK one might wonder if there is an ongoing saga?

    • says

      Yes, the news moved on long ago, didn’t it? Despite 24 hour coverage, it always amaze me how little the TV channels actually cover.

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