Pole dancing in a Tokyo park

Particularly over the weekend, the likes of musicians, jugglers, entertainers etc. are common sights in Tokyo’s parks. Pole dancers, on the other hand, aren’t.

Or at least they weren’t.

Japanese pole dancer


  1. Steebu says

    I’m guessing that she didn’t transport the pole by train. The base looks pretty solid.

    • says

      It was. It easily supported her even when she was swinging from the top of it. But how she got it there I have no idea…

  2. says

    Surprised some male didn’t take it upon himself to garb or pinch; perhaps it was so over the top that kept the pervs at bay?

    • says

      There was a large bank of dSLR wielding men to the left (of which I was a member!), but that was about it. Surprisingly civilised really, with polite applause after each move. All of which only added to the unusual nature of the whole thing.

        • says

          She has. Very impressive. An awful to of work went into them, that’s for sure.

          Haha, very true! But Japan is a non-tipping country. It would have been seen as vulgar!

  3. Jeffrey says

    Good lord! The bad “rock ‘n roll” bands of Yoyogi in black leather and gravity defying pomps are entertaining (“yes, we are laughing at you, not with you”). This sort of exhibitionism seems a bit desperate.

    • says

      It was a weird one. Despite the outfit (and the pole) it was somehow all very innocent. She was clearly enjoying herself, and most onlookers seemed happy to spend a bit of time watching something they clearly hadn’t expected to see.. Apart, of course, from the fellas with their powerful zoom lenses.

  4. says

    She could be advertising for a pole dance exercise class of some kind. I know they’re pretty popular over here, perhaps the trend is spreading?

  5. says

    Wow, I’m actually surprised there are so few spectators; having seen erotic manga read on public transport many times, I would expect the young salarimen to queue up to get a glimpse :-)

    • says

      The photo is a bit deceptive — there were a good number of fellas to my left. 15 or so I reckon. All equipped with decent zoom lenses!

  6. Alex says

    I’m guessing from many of the comments here that people do not know that pole dancing has seen a rise in legitimacy lately with dancers treating them as simply another form of artistic expression. There are even pole-dancing competitions that most do in a risque style, but that in itself is not the point. Also they are not about nudity, or stripping, or tips, or even arousal.

    • says

      That’s interesting. I had no idea.

      This performance was certainly along those lines. No money or anything being handed over, and much more artistic than racy.

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