Filthy but fun Tokyo bar

Independent bars and eateries overseen by sprightly septuagenarians aren’t a rarity in Tokyo — quite the opposite in fact. There’s this one owned by a lovely lady for example, and this wonderful establishment run by a jovial ex-French chef.

However, while such places obviously differ in regards personnel, there are often certain similarities: they are tiny, cluttered and show a decidedly cavalier approach when it comes to cleanliness. Common elements very much in evidence in the drinking den pictured below.

Filthy and tiny Tokyo bar

In business for over 40 years, and run by its 70-year-old owner, the bar is definitely on the cosy side, with seating at the counter for only 7 or 8 people.

Filthy and tiny Tokyo bar

And, as previously mentioned, it follows a familiar pattern by not being exactly spick-and-span.

Filthy and tiny Tokyo bar

But, what it is above all else is friendly. Not to mention an awful lot of fun.

Filthy and tiny Tokyo bar

Tokyo greenery?

In a city as dense and concrete heavy as Tokyo, there’s not exactly what one would call an abundance of greenery. Fortunately, however, there are surprising moments of it, although a certain amount of imagination is sometimes still needed.

Tokyo greenery

Japanese cosplay contradiction?

2015 is the year of the sheep, an animal that is regularly referenced in relation to the Japanese character due to a perceived tendency to unquestioningly follow others. A sweeping generalisation that admittedly contains some truth, and yet at the same time is almost comically incorrect.

Tokyo cosplay