The bonsai master

No deadlines to work to. Quite the opposite in fact, with simultaneous work on the past, present and future more akin to time travel than dealing with the demands of an actual timetable. And seemingly no stress too. Rather the gentle, almost meditative practice of pruning, shaping and carefully watering. Making arguably the most Japanese of jobs, utterly un-Japanese-like.

Japanese bonsai master

Deer head in a dingy Tokyo apartment building

The ten or so rooms in this Tokyo apartment building are small, old and basic. So basic in fact that a room is all you get, along with a communal toilet and sink, meaning daily ablutions require a trip to the local bathhouse or public shower.

But being a bit on the dingy side doesn’t mean the building can’t be unusually decorated. Or indeed be devoid of a talking point other than the toilet predicament.

deer head in a Tokyo apartment building