Old Japan in modern Tokyo

In many ways Tokyo seems to be in a constant state of flux, and yet at the same time, no matter how much it changes, it also stays very much the same.

old Japanese shopkeeper


  1. Iwao Yamamoto says

    When I see this kind of the place where you can feel warm communicating with the older shop women, I am happy to live in the district. There’s a kind warmth to chat with them.

  2. winnie says

    Great shot!
    Truly, old Japan in modern Tokyo.
    I am also interested of the items that she sells. Where is this place?

    • says


      It was a real mishmash of stuff. Like many old shops I guess. Can’t remember where it was though. It was by a temple, but which one I haven’t got a clue. Sorry…

  3. Willy says

    Life goes on. Somehow with verve despite the drive towards hyperbolic convenience. The ‘nice touch’ of the forever grateful.

    • says

      Yes, thankfully it does. For all their many benefits (or at least the main one which is surely booze), convenience stores do bring a horrible mundanity to many parts of Tokyo.

      • says

        I love those old shops where the use the soroban to get the total and then enter that into the cash register :-) The soroban is completely back for Japanese schoolkids BTW, it is the “new” miracle to teach kids maths.

        • says

          Interesting. Didn’t know about. There’s actually a soroban school near where I live. Always seemed out of place, but it makes complete sense now.

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