1. Iwao Yamamoto says

    When I see this kind of the place where you can feel warm communicating with the older shop women, I am happy to live in the district. There’s a kind warmth to chat with them.

  2. winnie says

    Great shot!
    Truly, old Japan in modern Tokyo.
    I am also interested of the items that she sells. Where is this place?

    • says


      It was a real mishmash of stuff. Like many old shops I guess. Can’t remember where it was though. It was by a temple, but which one I haven’t got a clue. Sorry…

  3. Willy says

    Life goes on. Somehow with verve despite the drive towards hyperbolic convenience. The ‘nice touch’ of the forever grateful.

    • says

      Yes, thankfully it does. For all their many benefits (or at least the main one which is surely booze), convenience stores do bring a horrible mundanity to many parts of Tokyo.

      • says

        I love those old shops where the use the soroban to get the total and then enter that into the cash register :-) The soroban is completely back for Japanese schoolkids BTW, it is the “new” miracle to teach kids maths.

        • says

          Interesting. Didn’t know about. There’s actually a soroban school near where I live. Always seemed out of place, but it makes complete sense now.

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