Noticeable Japanese nipples

Having somewhat self-consciously pondered the appearance of my burgeoning, and presumably beer-induced man-breasts, it seems that rather than being bashful and always boasting baggy tops, I should instead be proud and, more importantly, prominent.

Japanese nipples



  1. Random Observer says

    Ifrit, it looks like a box to keep the fake nipples in when they’re not in use.

  2. Greggle says

    Ah, brings back memories of my first trip to Japan. Saw these in a giant electronics store in Fukuoka City. I stopped to look as my horrified wife tried to pull me away. My comment that she did not need them did not help my situation …

    Mikec — the source for all your Japanese goodness (and badness) is on this page, right to the left of your comment. Click the ‘Click for J-List’ ad!

  3. says

    Just found this page which checking the spelling of ‘noticeable’. I now desperately need to know:. 1. How are these fake nipples attached? Using glue? Do they come off in the water? 2. Do the float or sink? 3. Can they be attached even if the underlying real nipples are humongous? 4. What are the exact dimensions of these fake nipples? How large is the perfect nipple supposed to be anyway, in terms of diameter and protusion length? And who decided this? 5. Are there similiar products for doing the reverse, i.e. hiding nipples? 6. How turned off would I be when peeling away the bikini only to find a piece of plastic obscuring something rather different? Would it have the same effect as ‘pads’ or Wonderbras, which can be quite chilling in their effect? 7. Will there be future versions which are normally subdued but become erect when the underlying nipple becomes erect? And is that even technologically possible? 8. Did this product sell well or not at all? 9. Is there a subculture of people using multiple fake nipples – such as 5 or 6 – and on various body parts, such as the posterior, for shock value? 10. How soft or hard are these things, what’s the tactile feedback when you push, poke, or pinch one?

    That’s it for now, thanks.

    • RaivynSkye says

      LOL Hi, Nick. I also found this page when checking the spelling of noticeable (#3 in the search, by the way.) Your comment was hilarious!!! đŸ˜€ Maybe there’s a subculture of pig or dog enthusiasts that like two wear parallel rows of these things on their abdomens…

    • Jess says

      Hilarious comment! I found this in the same way
      The bit about having up to 5-6 nipples really got me laughing

    • ralph says

      funny thing is i found this page the same way, and ya, interesting questions you’ve put forth here LOL

      • Jim says

        Haha I found this page checking the spelling of ‘noticeable’ too. Saw “Noticeable Japanese nipples” and had to check it out. LoL!

  4. ryan says

    Well Nick I think I can answer 10: To achieve such a erected nipple one must be exposed to a cold atmosphere i.e. winterpeg, where ones nipple become so hard that it can cut glass and make such a imprint on a shirt, therefore these nipples must be hard to make such an imprint on a shirt.

  5. paulf says

    HA HA… I also just found this page using google as a spellchecker to make sure I spelled “noticeable” right…

    “Noticeable Japanese nipples — Tokyo Times” the third result in a google search of “noticeable”, how could I not click to see what it was hahaha

  6. Joe says

    Damn, the “noticeable” thing got me, too. At least now I’m unlikely to ever forget. No doubt that by now Google has found a way to capitalize this and other such misspelling happenstances.

  7. Nerdy says

    Oh my gosh! We are all being drawn to the nipples, just trying to check the spelling of noticeable! The amusing part for me was that I was actually conversing about nipples. I’d just IMed somebody, saying I did not think my nipples are noticeable under my shirt, even if it’s cold.

  8. noticeable guy says

    i was just checking the spelling of noticeable & this noticeable site came out! google you’re funny!

  9. Angel says

    I could probably understand breast augmentation.
    But wanting a “More noticeable NIPPLE”…is pretty much absurd.
    Sorry guys this is retarded.

  10. Noticed this says

    Wow, I can’t believe that so many of us are here because we were checking the spelling of noticeable. I was typing something and thought no, that cant be how you spell noticeable but sure enough it was and then there was this think. Google is connecting us all

  11. ryan says

    I too find it strange that I was brought here by checking the spelling of noticeable. I do have a question about the ‘Beauty Nipple’, besides all the ones Nick asked. Why does it have a hole in the tip?

  12. Dave says

    I also was brought here by a spell check from google for noticable. I just wanted to know why Nick wanted to know all that stuff about them? Also to attempt a hypothesis as to why there is a hole in the tip of these fake nipples…Either to allow for cold air to reach the real nipple stimulating the fake nipple somehow or maybe they want you to breast feed with them on. lol… might honestly be worth looking into for women’s protection from hungry babies. All I’m sayin is I hear a lot about how breast feeding can hurt when the baby bites. So to coin the old sexual phrase “use some protection”. rofl.

  13. Chuckk says

    Another noticeable checker here.
    If we keep writing the word “noticeable” in the comments, this page will hopefully go up in the ranks for people searching the word “noticeable” or any combination of words including “noticeable”. I wonder how long it would take for there to be a noticeable difference in the page rankings. I also wonder if I can continue writing the word “noticeable” without it becoming too noticeable. Probably not, it’s a noticeable word, especially for people searching Google for the word “noticeable”.

    • daniel says

      LMAO.. ufff thank God I’m not the only one that uses Google as a spell checker lol… this is definitely a noticeable WIN for the word “noticeable” and a FAIL for fake nipples…

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