Nice and noticeable Japanese nipples

Considering that it’s now winter in Tokyo and so not exactly warm, one could be forgiven for thinking that nipple enhancers are be a bit unnecessary — if indeed they are warranted whatever the weather.

However, that apparently isn’t the case, as these plastic protrusions have now gone from a mere fashion fad,

Japanese nipples

to a feisty, pheromone infusing feature.

Japanese nipples

A product that, at least according to the packaging, is big in America.

Presumably quite literally.

(click images for full-sized pheromones)


  1. ThreeHeartsFarm says

    Ummmm…everything’s ‘natuarally’ bigger in America…here they try & cover them up!

  2. says

    …Only people with perky breasts should wear these–I don’t want to see nipples lower than they should be….Or I guess someone could put them over a bra–tho that’s…really……strange…hmmm.

  3. annie n says

    pointy nipples, aka the “natural look”, aren’t so popular in the States anymore. Haven’t been for years. The current trend is to hide them. You can’t even find one of those so-called “natural look” bras anymore.

  4. says

    Oh my. This is truly kind of horrifying, if you suffer from the reverse problem (nipples hard ALL THE TIME). Fortunately, ladies with the perpetual high-beams problem can investigate getting a pair of silicone “Dimmers.” This fantastic product has made it possible for me to wear tight sweeathers in winter again. Thank god!

  5. theotherguy says

    Wow…. thats … interesting. I sooo see that becoming “common” over here in S.Korea in a few years. Give it to the Japanese to come up with this stuff…

  6. SmartNSexy says

    My boyfriend and lover bought these for me to wear out when I join him and my husband at bars. My husband has NO IDEA that his friend and I are “doing” each other behind his back. So I was wearing a super-revealing “clubwear” top with the nipple enhancers when I walked into the bar. I am 5 feet 10 inches tall, 38DD 24 36. The nipple enhancers made my nipples look erect and sticking out about half and inch!

    Needless to say, every guy in the place (including my secret lover, of course) were breaking their necks, looking at me. All that male attention totally intimidated my husband – he really didn’t like me looking THAT sexy – which was exactly the reaction my lover and I were looking for.

    I recommend these to all women!

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