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      One of those places that are so beautiful it’s pretty much impossible to take a bad photo. Simply stunning.

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      It is. An absolutely beautiful place. So wonderfully green as well.

      Yeah, it’s quite a drop. A peek into hell I think the view is called. Certainly make your legs go a bit wobbly…

  1. Bernadette Marchetti says

    As strange as it sounds, the first thing I did when I saw this picture was take a deep breath expecting to breath in the freshest air imaginable. Instead, I sucked in humid, smoggy city air. So, just out of curiosity, was the air fresh?

  2. Squidpuppy says

    Beautiful. And then I thought something morbid: wonder what the jumper rate there is like?

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      Good question. Haven’t heard anything about it being a ‘popular’ spot, so hopefully the rate is very low. It’s a fairly popular place, and you have to pay to get in, so it’s not exactly private or quiet.

      That said, at the bottom of the mountain we found an abandoned car which had a used charcoal burner in it. Not a very nice find…

  3. Paul says

    Wonderful photograph. It is reassuring to see a shot of Japan with so much greenery.

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