Mount Fuji in winter

Many sights and sounds are fascinating at first. A charm they might well retain for quite some time too. Yet inevitably that initial glow begins to fade, and while they may not exactly become mundane, they do end up getting taken for granted.

Mount Fuji, however, isn’t like that. No matter how many times one sees it, or from how many different angles or locations, it somehow always retains its mystique. Its majesty. Its memorableness.

Plus it’s also accommodating when it comes to photographs, very kindly allowing the viewer to easily capture its splendour. Well, to a certain extent that is, as only the very best can really represent the satisfaction of seeing it for real, whereas the rest of us have to make do with merely passable reproductions.

Mount Fuji in winter


  1. winnie says

    Mount Fuji is a beauty. I love this picture.
    Is that a raven or a hawk flying?
    Because of it, the whole scenery is even more so beautifully shown. :)

    • says

      Thanks Winnie. Not sure what it was. I was so intent on getting it in the frame, I never had a chance to see what kind of bird it was!

    • says

      Totally agree Ed. It was freezing by the lake where I was stood, but I’d seen two birds and stood waiting, hoping desperately they’d fly into the frame. One took off in the other direction, but thankfully the one pictured was a bit more accommodating, making the photograph.

  2. Ken C says

    Was that from the Five Lakes side? I think there are red kite in the area so you may have caught one. Fantastic picture.

    • says

      Yes, from Lake Shoji if I remember correctly. Cheers for the info Ken, it could well be a red kite then.

    • says

      Cheers, I’ll check that out in the morning when it’s not dark!

      I did the same thing about 8 or 9 years ago. Really enjoyed the climb up, and the view of the clouds and then the sun coming up was sensational. The long, hot and thoroughly dispiriting walk down, however, was anything but…

    • says

      Thanks. Yeah, it really is something special. I can clearly remember the first time I saw Mount Fuji, and even now, almost 14 years down the line, each and every time I see it, it’s almost like the first.

  3. Linette says

    Beautiful composition. Love the black and white. Really gives it a different feel than if it was in color. Is that why you chose it? Also, try saying memorableness ten times fast.

    • says

      Cheers Linette. Yes, b&w really brought out the snow, plus it gave it a timeless feeling.

      As for memorableness, I struggle to say it normally, let alone 10 times and fast!

  4. Jeffrey says

    Great shot, Lee. AgfaPan 100?

    On the frequently clear winter days like this, it’s a wonder that more people don’t climb Fuji in the winter. You certainly don’t have the crowds.

    • says

      Cheers Jeffrey.

      Yes. Well … sort of. It’s a digitial ‘version’ of it.

      I guess you’d have to be a fairly committed climber, or at least have the necessary gear, but it would be incredible up there on such a clear day. Can’t even begin to imagine how cold it would be though.

  5. James says

    There is a whole New Year’s good luck thing related to having a dream of a hawk and Mt. Fuji. You nailed it. Great picture for my lessons with older ladies. Freaks them out.

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