More Invader urban art in Tokyo?

The work of French urban artist, Invader, has featured on Tokyo Times before, and several of his signature mosaics can be seen here.

At that time, however, I thought I’d found all the ones I could, as some had been painted over, whereas others simply didn’t exist anymore. Tokyo’s seemingly ever-changing landscape arguably making such forms of art even more fleeting than they normally are.

Then recently I stumbled upon this. A piece that bares all the Frenchman’s hallmarks, except perhaps his most identifiable: it’s not an invader.

Japanese Invader urban art

An aspect that inevitably makes me doubt its authenticity, although that doesn’t in any way detract from the fun of finding it.


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    That is so interesting. How high up is that? Could it have been placed from the ground or do you think whoever did it was leaning through the rails?

    • says

      It’s at a fairly reasonable height. Whoever put it there would have needed a lift up, or, like you suggest, lean through the rails. Either way, it’s probably one of the reasons it’s still there.

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