Mayo mayhem

The Japanese love of mayonnaise is nothing new, with the egg-based dressing used on a whole host of foodstuffs – fried chicken being the top choice by all accounts. Yet a new restaurant in Nagoya has taken this love to a whole new level, basing the whole menu on mayonnaise; the establishment making sure there are no mistakes in regards to its methods by naming it Mayomayo.

japanese mayonnaise restaurant

For creamy connoisseurs not able to quite finish off a whole tub in one sitting, the restaurant offers a ‘bottle keep’ service, allowing customers to write their name on the unfinished container and have it kept for a month.

japanese mayonnaise bottle keep

Meaning those whose cholesterol levels have dipped from hazardous to merely high can quickly pop back in and boost it back up. A nice dish of mayonnaise tofu perhaps doing the trick.

japanese mayonnaise tofu

Or for something on the sweet side, a cone of mayo ice cream could be ideal.

japanese mayonnaise ice cream

A devotion to dressing that some of the restaurant’s regulars appear to take a little too far, rather worryingly combining creamy consumption with cosplay.

japanese mayonnaise cosplay

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  1. says

    I wonder if mayonnaise is as bad for you as its reputation would indicate. The Japanese aren’t exactly known for their cholesterol problems and they seem to consume both mayo and eggs with abandon. Perhaps it’s more about your overall diet and not just the consumption of a particular food.

  2. says

    Well, that was the “cream” story of the day! Perhaps, you could name your “sauce” for that. I am not “dressing” you down! BOOM! BOOM!

  3. RT says

    Saw a Japanese tv segment several years ago about a small restaurant/bar with a similar menu. But it included mayonnaise based drinks (non-alcoholic and alcoholic). Looked perfectly revolting.

  4. shinobi says

    Dear god that is the most disgusting resteraunt I have ever laid eyes on…Excuse me while I vomit.

  5. Nika says

    Well that certainly has just murdered my appetite D: I specifically am very disturbed by the slight yellowish color of that Mayo-ice cream……

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