Matching kimonos and cherry blossoms

Cherry blossom season seemed to be over, in a photographic sense, and festively. But it wasn’t. There was one last flourish. Both for the ladies with their picnic, and those passing by.



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      Thanks! It was a real treat seeing them. A lovely surprise. And yes, they had chosen carefully. Or to be more accurate: perfectly.

  1. LAObserver says

    One of the best aspects of foreign travel is to see and appreciate the local traditional culture, dress and food. Seeing the ladies in their Kimonos in Nippon, their Hanbok in Korea, or the Ao Dai in Viet Nam, is a special benefit to be savored. Thanks for posting this and others Lee !

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      It is. Despite being here a long time now, seeing someone dressed in a kimono never ceases to fascinate me. Always a lovely sight.

      Not at all. Glad you enjoyed seeing it.

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    Looks like an ikebana or tea ceremony group, to the eye of my wife. But they really went out of their way to pick a kimono pattern that blends in with the cherry blossoms; hanami no camouflage :-)

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      Interesting. That’d certainly make a lot of sense.

      And yeah, they did that. They perfectly complimented the blossoms. Or is it the other way round? Either way it made for a lovely sight. Just wish they’d opted to sit on something a little more befitting their outfits, and not the standard blue sheet…

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    This shot I might say Lee, captures the essence of Spring incredibly well and appreciate you sharing it with us 😉

  4. winnie says

    Beautiful shot! :)
    Very “Spring” Feeling! Love it!
    The ladies not only have the same pattern of Kimono which is really look nice on them, their hairdo seemed to be the same too.

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