Massive anime head madness

A quick search suggests that this particular style is called Animegao. And those who indulge in it are apparently dollers. But regardless of how correct that may or may not be, what is for definite is that it makes for a wonderfully odd sight.

Japanese anime head cosplay animegao


  1. Taki says

    Being half Japanese, I’m always hearing about these things told to me around the office. This one is new though. *sigh*

    My first thought was also that it was a male dressed up there. I’m hoping this was as rare to you as it was to me

    • says

      Ah, I feel for you on that one…

      But happy to confirm that yes, this was just as new to me. Never seen such a thing before, and really don’t expect to do so again.

  2. says

    Wow, new to me too; weird yet not so unexpected, in a way. If you continue that line and the technical advances like ASIMO, the robot made by Honda, keeps up, soon we have cosplay conventions where nobody actually shows up but dressed up robots and people watching the proceedings back home via built-in cameras.

  3. says

    My first thought was to grin, but see this as a sad cry for attention in a mass culture as bland and empty as a cone of MacDonald’s vanilla ice cream

    • says

      Can’t deny the screams for attention. Donning something like that will certainly get you noticed. But fortunately mass culture aside, Japan has a lot more going on — albeit sometimes under the surface.

  4. Marcin says

    So s/he goes about his whole day in this outfit or was that some street performance/promotion thing?

  5. Squidpuppy says

    The performer is an Animegao (アニメ顔?), the form is called Kigurumi (着包み); a composite of to wear and wrap or cover. It’s spread to the USA and Europe in the past five years, or so too. Personally, I’d just as soon not run into one of these on the street; they terrify me.

    • says

      Yeah, there’s definitely something very creepy about them. I presume cute is the aim, or at least one of them, but the result is anything but.

  6. Bernadette Marchetti says

    My interest in Japan began academically (anthropology), but I soon got hooked on anime, and now I’m a HUGE fan. An appreciation of anime will inevitably lead to an encounter with cosplay, and I understand the appeal of it, but I’ve never felt the desire to dress as my favorite characters. The closest I’d get is Lolita fashion. But *this* is on another completely different level that I hope I never encounter personally. I also hear the cries to “run away!” I even hear them in Graham Chapman’s voice.

    On the other hand….I have socks like that. And that purse is really cute.

    • says

      The whole anime and manga thing has, for some reason, always passed me by. Maybe I’ve not seen the right film or read the right book, but it has never appealed. Odd really as I can definitely appreciated the artistry involved.

      Get a purse like that and you are halfway there. Then all you’d need would be a bit of papier-mâché magic and you’d be all set!

      Oh, and the cry of “Run away!” In Graham Chapman’s voice is comedy gold. Thank you!

  7. Martin B says

    Isolated Haikyo, creepy scarecrow mannequins, scary dolls and now people dressed as anime characters, I reckon you have the basis for a really good (bad?) horror movie, you just need to get Godzilla involved somehow.

    Thinking about it, forget Godzilla, work Hello Kitty into it and you’re on to a winner, I’d pay to see that.

    • says

      Haha, Brilliant! The similarity hadn’t crossed my mind at all.

      If it is though, she’s a long way away from Timperley…

  8. jessica kawaii says

    none of these harsh and rude comments are having any effect on this cosplay hobby type, other then being insensitive and rude, it shows how humans are just idiots who fear and hate anything different

    • Takami says

      nah they say that because they want to try it out but are afraid of what the other would think hahah

    • Mai Eien says

      You know Jess, it’s more like this comments freaked me out, then those commenters demand they are freaked by kigurumi. One thing – kig masks with open mouths are more difficult to play, because angles come into play a lot, and can play a lot against you, but overall kigurumi are nothing but cuteness and beauty. Just got from a con where got literally tons of cheers and praises (which may be characterize festival more than me), after that those “freaked” commenters seem only just like trolls.

    • says

      hehe~ These comments are for the most part people who not accustomed to full contact cosplay. I don’t find then offensive just agnostic of Kigurumi. Even the dude.. umm Squid dude or something like that.. At least he had enough energy to look it up and give a definition to our type of cosplay. I find fear out there of those unaware of our existence. In others I see a sense of wonder and joy! Those are the people we do this for.. We work hard to perfect our craft.. So never be concerned with the nasayers, they have their voice, they have said what they will say. The silence of the positive options are noted too.. Who wants to get spammed on for supporting our community.. Geez….

      cici, kigurumi cosplayer and maker…

      • says

        Thanks for the support, cici.

        I haven’t found the comments to be offensive or overly critical. In fact not really critical at all. And my post and photo isn’t either. At least not intentionally. Rather just surprise, and yes, a compete lack of understanding/experience when it comes to this kind of thing.

        As I first wrote, it was a very odd sight indeed. And obviously a complete surprise. But despite my lack of knowledge/understanding, a surprise and oddness I really enjoyed.

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