Little girl look

It was a choice of either looking at her father holding a camera, or the strange looking fella doing likewise. And, very briefly, the foreigner was deemed more diverting.

little Japanese girl in Ginza


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    I had that happen to me in Gion, Kyoto. Funny thing was the little girl was made up to look like a maiko so of course one would want to look at her and take photos. But she just stared at the foreigner like I was the strangest thing she had seen. Funny!

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      My best (worst?) moment was at the zoo. I was stood looking at some fantastically coloured parrots when a gang of elementary school kids walked past. One of them pointed and shouted gaijin da!, prompting the rest of them to stop and turn towards me. All totally ignoring the parrots!

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    Lovely catch, Lee! Yep, at young age she already has a keen eye for quality cameras :)

    On a side note, the father’s bag also looks interesting. And quite stocked with more gear and accessories.

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      Thanks Norbert. It was a nice moment.

      She does indeed! I didn’t notice at the time, but yeah, he does seem to have a fair bit of kit with him.

  3. Keith says

    How easy is it walking around taking photos in Tokyo? Do you ever get challenged, especially if the photographs involve children? There has definitely been a change in attitude (almost verging on paranoia) to photographers in recent years here in Sydney. There are some places I wouldn’t dream of taking my camera to unless I was in the company of others.

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      On the whole, very easy really. Of course some people object, but generally it’s not a problem. And not once have I been questioned when taking a photo of a kid.

      To be honest though, I don’t take these kinds of photos too often, but that’s just ‘cos of my own paranoia — knowing the possible reaction such a shot could result in back home in The UK. Something very similar to Sydney I suspect…

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    Awwww, she is SHO cute! I bet her papa has tons of photos taken of her, like what my dad did. He went berserk. Lovely moment captured. :)

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      Thanks Stephanie. Yes, it was a nice moment. And the father turned round after I took this, and had a good laugh at me, taking a picture of the two of them.

  5. JS says

    Ok, maybe I’m just stupid. But is he just holding a little point and shoot camera up to that bigger lens?

    If not, what make of camera does he have that is that small yet you can attach a huge lens like that to it?

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        I have a similar camera. Mine is a Sony NEX-5. Small body but the lens options can be huge. xD

        By the way, love the photo. :)

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          Thanks Lina.

          Cheers for the info too. Good to know what camera he was using. And what his bag is filled with!

  6. john says

    It’s certainly a small camera but I don’t think it’s cute.
    It looks a bit like a Sony and with a camera so small there’s obviously much more space
    for big lenses in the bag!

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      It would certainly seem that way. Sort of defeats the purpose of a compact though, carrying all that gear around…

  7. winnie says

    This picture brighten up my day! :)
    The little girl’s expression is so cute!! I want to hug her so much.
    It’s remind of my daughter when she is little girl!

  8. Jeffrey says

    Were you wearing the “special” hat this time or the false nose purchased at that shrine for the fertility festival?

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      Unfortunately I don’t need a false nose, it’s already tall (and thus comedic) enough without any further additions!

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