1. says

    Too bad they didn’t put the poster up underneath some of the tunnels around Shibuya JR station or many of the other tunnels the homeless live….

  2. Iwao Yamamoto says

     Looks completely tired, hopeless, desolate, no home to warm his heart. What happened to him! Is he just a lonely homeless? Among high buildings such a city like Shinjyuku you can see real homeless but no one can help them under the cold weather. Oh, what can we say those situations? In Christian countries you can say “charity” but Japanese don’t intend to look at them I think.

    • says

      I don’t know what his story is, but yeah, there are an awful of homeless people in Shinjuku. Well, in Tokyo in general. But in other countries where there may well be more charity, it’s arguably no better. At least not for many.

  3. Iwao Yamamoto says

     Thank your for your retweet. You have much concerns for real sights of Tokyo city which many foreigners will never see. A long time ago in Tokyo there was a spot which we called as Sanya; 山谷 which is north of Asakusa. Many day workers were living there but now there were almost no daily workers. Instead many homeless people increased in such a place like parks in Tokyo. We don’t want to see such people and don’t intend to do some charities for them; of course there are some indeed but not so many I think. We must think of charity not in Tokyo or Japan but for world too. We must expect a goo government to think of week people,

    • says

      Yeah, I’m very familiar with Sanya. I’ve photographed the area a few times. You can some some images here.

      I agree, but sadly it’s hard to imagine the new government in particular doing anything at all to help such people…

  4. Jeffrey says

    Lee, that’s Pulitzer Prize stuff there, and I’m not saying this angling for a beer next time I’m in town.

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