Last beers under the cherry blossoms

The relative cold and heavy showers may not have been ideal, but, when it comes to last beers under the cherry blossoms, it takes way more than that to deter most people.

So beers were drunk. Good times were had.


And cheeky looks were happily exchanged.



    • says

      It was. At Yasukuni as well of all places. For a couple of weeks a year it changes into a very different place – a fun place.

      • willy says

        Well.. that is weird. Yasukuni seems to have a gnarly media presence, along side an obviously special place in the hearts of many. hard to digest.

        • says

          Yasukuni is a weird place in general. Depending on what day you go, and what, if anything, happens to be on, it has a different vibe each time. Generally welcoming to be fair. Only those big days in the nationalists calendar when it’s not.

  1. Daniel says

    Drinking under the cherry blossoms is probably my best memory of my one visit to Japan. Sure the blossoms were beautiful, but it was the atmosphere I remember the most. Everyone seemed so happy. Loved it!

    • says

      Totally agree with you. When it comes to hanami, the blossoms are beautiful, but the atmosphere is what really sets it apart.

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