Kimono celebration or sadness?

They may not be that uncommon, but the kimono is probably still a sight that it’s impossible to tire of. The patterns, and their almost timeless appearance, making them very difficult to pass by without a second glance — or sometimes even a stare. And as they are generally only worn for special events, there’s often a real sense of occasion about them too.

But with these two ladies, that inevitable second glance seemed to detect more sadness than celebration.

Tokyo kimono


  1. Jeffrey says

    As I’ve posted here before, sexist male-dominated Japan ought to pass a law requiring all women wear a kimono at least once a month. They are simply the most beautiful form of “native” attire that I know of.

    • says

      Yes, they really are beautiful. I also think that as they aren’t everyday clothes, they are all the more special. It’s wonderful how they stand out amongst a modern crowd.

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