Japan’s saddest cowboy?

There are lots of tedious jobs in Tokyo. Perhaps none more so than the holding up of placards promoting the likes of pachinko or new properties. And for this fella, in contrast to his rather jaunty hat, the toad work, to paraphrase Philip Larkin, seems to be well and truly squatting on his life.

sad Japanese cowboy


  1. winnie says

    Holding of Placard is quite tedious especially under a hot sun or in the cold. :(

    The poetry really seem to illustrate his situation .

    • says

      Yeah, it’s hard to think of anything more tedious, isn’t it?

      It’s a poem I’ve been a big fan of for years, and as such it always springs to mind when I see people doing jobs like that. Or indeed the stressed and worn out salarymen that populate Tokyo.

  2. Linette says

    Awww. That’s one of the most depressing photos you have shown. More dogs dressed as humans please. (kidding)

    • says

      Yeah, pretty grim, isn’t it? I really like it as an image, but at the same time it is horribly sad. I do hope he doesn’t have to do that everyday…

    • says

      That’s what drew me to him. People holding up placards are nothing out of the ordinary. But doing doing so dressed like that is. He just seemed so unsuited to the job.

  3. dochimichi1 says

    I don’t think it’s a depressing photo at all! I find it quite comical. The wistful face expression, and that hat… The more I look at it, the more it makes me smile. Great photo ))

    • says

      Cheers! Interesting to hear a totally different take on the image. It always fascinates me how people see very different things in the same image.

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