• says

      While clearly not poor, they aren’t necessarily wealthy. The photo was taken at Meiji Shrine, and many of the brides leave in this car. Or at least cars like it. Presumably it’s part of the service/wedding package.

      • Jeffrey says

        What is it? I’ve never seen anyone departing Meiji after a ceremony so I don’t think I’ve ever seen an “up-do special.”

        • says

          It seems that the vast majority of brides leave in this kind of car, although not sure if they just have one or a fleet of them.

          Next time I’m passing by I’ll try and see what maker/model it is.

    • says


      Yes, if it weren’t for the fancy roof door, they’d very similar. Based on a London cab perhaps?

  1. LAObserver says

    Clearly this particular cab model affords the woman plenty of head room. This is probably very important for keeping her hair arrangement looking nice. I would be interested to know what manufacturer made this cab.

    • says

      Yes, likewise, as it’s such a specialist design they can’t sell many. Hard to see how it’s even feasible business wise, unless it’s one of the major car producers.

  2. winnie says

    Nice shot !
    The car is super cool. The car’s roof is opened on one side that the headdress will not being hit when the bride getting into the car.
    Is she wearing an Uchikake (to be worn outside her kimono)? It is so beautiful!
    Japanese Bridal kimono are lovely.

    • says


      I think that’s what she was wearing. I’m no expert though. But like you say, it was incredibly beautiful.

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