Japanese used panty purchase?

Sadly, at least for those of a more sordid mindset, the almost mythical used panty vending machine appears to be very much a thing of the past, with rather more mundane merchandise now the main means of making money. A shift that was presumably brought about by a change in the law rather than logistics, as the sale of pungent pants was deemed illegal around half a decade ago.

However, where there’s a will there’s a way, and while this portacabin of porn boldly proclaims its stock of costumes and other collectibles,

used Japanese panties

a peek inside also reveals it has packs of used panties.

used Japanese panties

Well, sort of. The only problem being that due to the aforementioned law, they apparently only look like the real thing and, quite surprisingly, have a fragrance of fruit. Mango to be exact. Which, it has to be said, sounds almost unfeasibly fishy.

But regardless of their realism, for the connoisseur after contraband that’s more convincing, there’s still a staggering selection of stuff to choose from,

used Japanese panties

which, it has to be said, is certainly not to be sniffed at.

used Japanese panties

(click images for less pixelated panties)


  1. says



    Incredible. I would love to have a job writing perverted Japanese ad copy.

  2. Jason says

    Has anyone ever attempted to verify the authenticity of these “used” panties? I’ve never been to Japan, but I must say I’d be sorely tempted to make a purchase – if even just out of morbid curiosity …

  3. says

    Hey there. I also came across used panties in a store in Akihabara this summer. Couldn’t get any pictures though, through fear of attracting attention to myself, though they had the picture of the girl wear them inside the packet. I did however document my discovery of a set of panty vending machines along a roadside in Kumamoto, which you are more than welcome to peruse here:


    Isn’t Japan wonderful?

  4. Robert says

    More Power to Them! If that is your fetish then have at it I say. I must say Japan is a great country with among the nicest people and one of the lowest crime rates in the world. I think if thats what the populace wants then let them. More free in choice than America now-a-days I think. Id rather have my own free choice in doing what would make me happy than having a 60 year old man making a law saying I cant. Of course all that being said I dont think used panties would be up my ally. While that may sound delectable to some degree, the thought of possible STD infected panties directly overrides that one :-) lol

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