Japanese urban art brightening up a battered old Tokyo building

Like all art, the urban variety is very subjective, meaning what one man deems worthy, another may see as merely vandalism. It’s also true that while some parts of Tokyo have a good deal of the latter, there’s a growing amount that warrants the tag — pun very much intended — of art.

Some of it is political, some slightly thought provoking, although this piece was simply a pleasure to see.

Japanese urban art


  1. Martin says

    Interesting character. It looks like someone took some time to paint it. Brightens up a drab building.

    • says

      Totally agree. Just getting up there must have been quite an effort. But the art work itself is well thought out and very well executed. Brought a smile to my face too.

    • says

      Certainly has that look, doesn’t it? Actually it’s an abandoned love hotel hotel. One that unfortunately was very well sealed up…

      • says

        Interesting that the building stands abandoned. I would think given the scarcity of land, particularly in Tokyo, the site would be purchased, razed and something else built on the site. Or is the economy still that bad?

        • says

          It’s a rare sight, particularly a building so big. Even more so in a place like Shinjuku. But why it hasn’t been demolished and a new and shiny building put in its place, I don’t know. Things aren’t quite that bad. At least not yet.

    • says


      Great to finally know who the artist is. And to see him in action.

      Not being a Greek speaker, any info about the meaning/significance of the figure?

      I also have another photograph of his work here

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