Japanese super-sized semen

As far as gadgets go, Japan definitely doesn’t have to do without, although how indispensable some of them are is debatable to say the least.

Take the Plasma Sperm for example, a men-only machine that, as the packaging if not necessarily the product name suggests, super-sizes semen.

Japanese sperm magnifier

A clever little contraption it has to be said, boasting numerous settings and various views, all the way from the magnified, to the, erm, mega magnified.

Japanese sperm magnifier

Which, all in all creates a machine that, whether necessary or not, makes masturbation even more fun, although coupled with something equally mechanical, it could well break the mould.

japanese handjob

Or at the very least, the manual monotony.


  1. Spermeater says

    Just for kicks.

    Ref. 2nd pic from top, which contains two images. The one on the left shows an elderly man’s semen (50-60 years of age) and the one on the right, a younger man’s semen (20-30 years of age).


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