Japanese summer fashion: the sun visor

With the temperature in Tokyo gradually rising, parasols are once again a standard sight on the city’s streets. And, for women of a certain age, it’s also time to dig out the somewhat sinister, almost Darth Vader-like, sun visor. An item that darkens the face as effectively as a furtive photograph does looks.

Japanese sun visor summer fashion


  1. says

    These visors really amuse me too, sort of a bad motorcycle granny image. These and the ‘poison-mushroom’ hats imply that summer has really started!

  2. Bernadette Marchetti says

    Wow. I’m surprised you’re still alive after that look. Maybe the visor is to prevent damage to the public from looks that can kill.

  3. Squidpuppy says

    “I find your lack of Wa disturbing. Never underestimate the power of Obasans.” Among my peers, we call these things “Blast Shields”, and they’re invariably worn by Asian granny types – in various California locales. It’s especially weird seeing them covering the visages of drivers – you just wanna yell out: “Lower the blast shields! Engage the Laser canons!”

    • says

      That’s funny. Blast shield is a great name. No doubt that’s exactly what I’ll be thinking now the next time I see one!

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