Japanese stained glass stickers

Due to a distinct lack of interested people to pick from, along with the almost legendary land prices, churches in the Japanese capital have to make do with what meagreness they can manage. So, apart from the customary cross, facilities tend to be far from fancy.

Tokyo church

Although that said, the place above is doing better than this pitiful apartment of prayer.

Tokyo church

But, on the other hand, its stick-on stained glass windows are somewhat woeful,

Tokyo church

and, it has to be said, a little worse for wear.

Tokyo church


  1. says

    Have you posted a pic of that church before? It looks familiar.
    Also, I know they have earthquakes and so putting cables underground would be problematic to say the least, but you would think there must be a better way to power a city than all those ugly cables hanging everywhere.

  2. says

    Paul: Yeah, I’ve posted the pic of the second church before.

    I know what you mean about the cables. They are everywhere, and far from pretty. The only sure-fire way to get rid of them it seems is with Photoshop. If one has the necessary skill and patience….

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