Japanese sex industry slump?

The strong yen and sluggish sales have, understandably, caused massive damage to Japan’s main car manufacturers, with a new round of temporary closures and large job losses hinting at further hardships on the horizon.

But that’s not say that the current crisis is confined to car makers of course, and rather surprisingly the nation’s usually far from flaccid sex industry seems to be suffering too, resulting in that veritable mainstay of many merchants, the vibrator, being sold at apparently preposterously low prices.

Tokyo sex shop

Which, as stimulus packages go, is novel to say the least.


  1. says

    Well sex is probably the last thing you look for during an economic crisis. That ad is awesome though, and insanely cheap 😀

  2. John says

    Now I am really upset. I paid a full 280 yen just about 2 months ago for my wife’s rotor!!

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