Japanese scarecrows: Sinister, serene and also cyclists


Due to their chosen line of work, it’s apt that Japanese scarecrows are somewhat on the sinister side.

realistic Japanese scarecrows

Sometimes even going as far as disturbing.

realistic Japanese scarecrows

But times change it would seem, even if their job title doesn’t. And with cycling clearly now a thing.

realistic Japanese scarecrows

There are hints at what could be described as serenity. Possibly even joy.

realistic Japanese scarecrows


  1. says

    Very slick adding the bicycle. Makes it look more like a real person! Except for the still being totally stationary part. ;) Kudos for creativity, though!

    • says

      Yeah, that’s what always impresses me. They really do put a lot of effort into it. Different every year. And with bicycles this time, who knows what we’ll be treated to next time!

    • says

      They really are aren’t they? Very strange things close up…

      And yeah, I know what you mean. Even more so if I went back at night. But I won’t be doing that!

  2. says

    Do you know why they make them so realistic-looking in Japan? I’m assuming they don’t need so much detail to benefit the birdsーis it more to benefit other onlookers?

    • says

      That’s a very good question. Perhaps Japan’s crows are even smarter than we already suspect, hence the need for super realistic scarecrows!

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