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    That’s… weird, to say the least.
    The woman in front is pretty much normal, but what are these two… “creatures ?” behind her ?

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      Well, relatively normal apart from the huge placard she is holding!

      But yeah, I know what you mean. The mystery to me was who pitched up first. The woman or the creatures?

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    I don’t think there is a Psalm 1024 (32 squared) , could she be the *devil* trying to lead us astray? :-)
    Weird, I really would stick with Buddhism (and to a lesser degree with nationalistic Shinto) if I were Japanese :-)

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      Must be a new one, although your other option sounds more interesting!

      Yeah, I personally always find it a bit odd to speak to Japanese Christians. And even more so to see ones as committed as this…

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        A friend of a friend is from a Nagasaki family that has been secretly catholic since the time the Portuguese were kicked out of Japan in the second half of the 16th century. Quite interesting to talk with her and a bit sad too as she remained single as this is a very tightly knit group of people who don’t marry outside the group. He parents wouldn’t have allowed it.

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          Interesting stuff. I’ve read a bit about those communities. Incredible to think of the sacrificices they made. And how their beliefs have evolved (probably the wrong word!) seperately from mainstream religion.

          But really sad to hear that they are still making sacrifices…

      • Jeffrey says

        Agreed. Christianity outside of Europe (and Europeans), interestingly never really a force in the Levant, is just as weird but more widespread, surprisingly, than Islam outside of the Arabian peninsula.

  3. john says

    A whole Kb of Psalms…or more, and it must be a sign that 1024 is the one quoted! Binary be praised and remember your wingnuts!
    That cat does have a rather red face.

  4. MrSatyre says

    I use bleach and Brillo pads to cleanse myself of my sins. Then I sacrifice a Hello Kitty to the pagan god of your choice.

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