Japanese penis pandemonium

With their portable shrines and pots of sake, Japanese festivals are generally fairly boisterous affairs, but for Kawasaki’s annual fertility festival (the Kanamara Matsuri) at Hachiman-gu Shrine, bawdy could be deemed a far more accurate description — the marvelling at massive members,

Japanese fertility/penis festival

being the main source of amusement.

Japanese fertility festival

Also, for people a bit peckish, there’s the usual fare of noodles and nibbles on offer, although for those particularly partial, a pecker or even a pussy may also be purchased.

Japanese fertility/penis festival

The former,

Japanese fertility/penis festival

on the whole,

Japanese fertility/penis festival

being the firm favourite.

Japanese fertility/penis festival

An event that, along with phallic food, is a festival with the focus very much on fun,

Japanese fertility/penis festival

and a fair amount of fornication.

Japanese fertility/penis festival

The morning’s penis-based proceedings eventually building up to an incredible climax, that sees the colossal cocks carted through the crowd. Which, wherever one lives, is something seldom seen it has to be said.

Japanese fertility/penis festival

Although unfortunately, with such a lot of effort going in to getting things up and running, it only comes once a year.

Japanese fertility/penis festival

(click images for bigger, erm, big ‘uns)


  1. says

    I’ve always wanted to go to one of these festivals when I was in Japan, but never was able to get to one. Maybe on some future trip.

  2. says

    Yeah, I’ve been meaning to go for years Peter, and up until yesterday had somehow never got round to it.

    When you do make it over again, I can heartily recommend getting to one. Terrific fun and a great atmosphere. Not at all dodgy either, despite the displays, with lots of families milling about.

    In fact, the likes of the Motor Show and Tokyo Game Show are far more sleazy. Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing!

  3. says

    Apparently, money raised is donated to HIV research, which I find a bit odd as this kind of festival is more likely to make people horny. And horny people have sex. And HIV is the result of lots of horny people having sex. 😛

  4. says

    awww… missed it =(

    maybe next time…

    i heard it’s a hard act to swallow, i mean follow…

    it seems the pussy candy isn’t as popular, especially the unshaved ones >=p

  5. ed says

    looks like great fun! i wonder what flavors they gave the popsicles. too bad there’s no clitoris matsuri…we should start one. the giant floats will be even more colorful:P

  6. Farmer Joe says

    So wait…
    The Japanese can’t show genitals in videos, but they can make giant ones and march in the street with them?

  7. says

    Farmer Joe: You can still buy burasera undies at machines in Shinjuku porno shops, or poontang in a can just about anywhere.

    Interesting how the “lady parts” were not blurrred out in the festival though…

  8. says

    Dad, I saw those images… and they burn! I cannot sleep, Daddy! How must I grow with a semblance of morality. Daddy, daddy… I am soiled!

    …. Nice post, Lee.

  9. BillSalem says

    There is also a folk festival in Italy which celebrates the huge erect phallus, a holdover from the more pagan days of ancient Rome and then taken over by the Roman Church. But the early Christian bishops did not ban the celebration of Priapus. The erect phallus is celebrated as St. Priapus who is said to spread his blessings by way of his gigantic, 20″ penis.

  10. says

    I saw those images… and they burn! I cannot sleep, Daddy! How must I grow with a semblance of morality. Daddy, daddy… I am soiled!

    • Daniel says

      This festival is nothing. I had elderly people and young kids basically propositioning me in Japan; mothers in unison with daughters, men…a grandmother, mother, and daughter did obvious things with water bottles in front of me on a train. Yes, you’d be shocked at first in an environment like that.

  11. Doodah Bagel says

    Why go to Japan when we can put on our own festival? I think every region on earth should start up a penis and/or pussy fest. I’d love to have the condom concession (ever the capitalist).

    I’m also glad to see that they have that big boy tied down good and proper so it can’t bust loose and terrorize the entire countryside.

  12. Roger Atkinson says

    Reminds me of Pompeii, Mt. Vesuvius phallic symbols carved into the stones in the street, etc. They were wiped out by an eruption of a volcano, hopefully the samething does not happen to Japan.

  13. friedfred says

    This is a great idea, it’s a great cultural solution. How many times do you hear the stats in the US about sex related problems (pregnancy, std, etc)? Largely because parents can never talk to their kids about sex. But a festival like this would open the topic — it would be a great chance for the parents to talk to their kids and teach them something. Way better than “no, it’s dirty and bad, and don’t do it!!” (translation — I don’t know what to say, I don’t want to bring it up)

  14. crazyswiss says

    I love your website… Please keep it up. I have had a long-time love affair with asia and Japan above all things and I’m planning to use your site as a reference guide for the gayan that I will hopefully soon become…

  15. Carl says

    Wow, World press Tokyo TIMES, and they dont even mention what month its in.. good reporting job :s

  16. Dragon says

    veoma mi se svidja taj vas vasar. to je isto kao sto je rostiljijada u leskovcu. svi to vole. ja bih hteo da prisustvujem takvom dogadjaju!!! ic ni san shi pozdrav

  17. John says

    I didn’t know they had a fest like that, seems like a good pagan idea. Wish they would do that around here! It’s a good thing they have wangzilla tied down. hey, I wonder if there could be a movie in that – Sex idol comes alive and terrorizes pecker fest, inspires citizens to make babies?

  18. Twinky(Kayla) says

    OMFG, i balled over laughing at this XD and i love Japan 2! i nevar thought they had anything like this! XD

  19. says

    In a country notoriously famous for schoolgirl-inspired porn and subway gropers, the existence of such a festival should not come as a surprise…

  20. Kate says

    Penis is worship is commen in many countries in ancient times and it is continuing in many countries still now.Penis is worship is considerd as a simbolical representation of strenth and prosperity.While travelling in korea at a rural Village I happend to see few girls worshipping a boy’s penis. The boy was forced to stand nude and girls worship his penis by staring at it, and made it erect.The penis festival in Japan is admirable.

  21. Elizabeth says

    I will be visting penis festival, I am very eager to see it,It is mouthwatering for me as well as made me horney when I saw pictures of girls sucking penis shaped candies .I want to suck penis shaped candies because I like it and it is what I usally do on my huband’s penis daily.

  22. Tiyamike Chikuse says

    This is another type of culture practices which is so strange in other societies, thas why people are so interested to know how this practices happened.I wish to see

  23. Brian says

    The reason they aren’t having babies isn’t because they aren’t having sex. They just don’t want babies. That’s what educated people do, they make educated choices that affect their own lives.

    Also, it is my understanding that the reason they blur genitals in Japan is due to the Japanese constitution which was written by American General Douglas MacArthur ‘n staff, following the unconditional surrender of Japan.

    Because medieval religious values imposed by government are what keep men from raping and killing. Or is it the other way around? I guess it just depends on if any feriners need a good rapin’ and a killin’!

  24. B says

    Well, as a gay male having dated a good number of Japanese men, I can say this. There is a lot of penis envy going on here. hahah..

  25. Othello Cat says

    Brian, you will find that “medieval religious values” virtually encouraged and allowed men to rape with impunity and punished female rape victims.

    • wayne says

      Not that I’m defending any “religious values” (we can have that discussion at another time).
      Other than Muslim style religions (not all) seem to do that, what other religions, medievil or otherwise, have allowed men to rape with impunity? Just curious.

  26. wayne says

    This seems to be a lot of fun. Is Mardi Gras in the states much different from this gathering? Other than the massive penis sculptures that is? Mardi Gras might actually be way more decadent than this little/massive gathering in Japan. Any comments?

  27. kevin says

    To all the men posting here…….do you just put the candy dicks in your mouths or like in real life do they end up in your ass??

  28. carolina says

    Please keep it up. thanksa for

  29. says

    I am an Asian so I understand about the small penis size compared to black guys. However, the penis size is not everything you need to satisfy your lady. The mindset is the most important. If you have a 10-inche penis but it does not get up on demand, then it is not worth it. Most Asian men have short penis about 5’5 to 8 inches in erection. The most important part is the rock hard erection on demand.

  30. gunste says

    When I visited Japan, my hosts in Kyoto took me around the area to see the sights. That included a shrine populated with dozens og penises, varying in size from 6 inches to 6 feet. I have a p[photo of the “shrine” with a “priest in attendance (clothed). I can likely supply a photo.

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