Japanese men kneeling for a number one?

When it comes to weeing, I will personally admit that after one too many lagers my aim can be a bit awry to say the least. And, judging by the often liberally sprayed floors of public lavatories, I’m not alone when it comes to the odd poorly aimed pee. Yet that said, surely no man’s misses can be that badly directed or bring about such a deluge that he be subjected to the indignity of this device.

Japanese peeing pillow

A contraption that rather comically is called the Angel Lap Pillow (天使のひざ枕), and while it helps stop splashes from a rather lax leak, it also prevents spillage from even a pinpoint piddle.

Japanese peeing pillow

But either way, a man having to micturate in this manner is surely tantamount to taking the piss.

Japanese peeing pillow


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    The hinge on my seat is loose, so the lid often slams shut on its own. If you think I’m gonna dangle my junk in that thing’s gaping maw, you’re sorely mistaken.

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