Japanese jugs

“They said I must have a cow’s spirit because my boobs are big. I was told milk was all right, but advised to avoid beef because it would be cannibalism”

Japanese starlet Mizuki Horii detailing her dietary requirements during a promotional event for a new television show about pin-up girls.

Now whether young Horii’s spirit bears a resemblance to that of a bovine is debatable to say the least. Her boobs being somewhat on the big side on the other hand, isn’t.

Mizuki Horii

However to the disappointment of reporters, repeated offers to massage her succulent steaks in a manner similar to that allegedly lavished on Kobe beef cattle, were demurely declined.

Mizuki Horii


  1. says

    I’m pretty sure those breasts place her spirits closer to that of a computer chip than a cow. They don’t look very real.

  2. mangaphreak says

    I won’t even go into the fact that the above poster obviously confuses silicon with silicone with her/his “computer chip comparison”…but why is it that every time a girls with large breasts is shown somebody has to shout “Those are not real!”…?!? As if you could judge that from a few pics anyway…

    Just jealous, I guess…?! 😉

  3. says

    If you were a woman, you’d know that there is a shape issue which makes implants pretty obvious. The way in which the breast is at the top is a dead giveaway.

    There are women with large breasts who are skinny and their breasts are clearly real but any pair of melons which are too rounded at the top (rather than more tubular-looking at the top – it’s hard to explain the shape) is an implant. It’s clear they were crammed in there.

    Pay attention to the shape and you can always tell.

  4. says

    She’s shoving them together, hence the shape, surely? I think mangaphreak has a case for real.

    Post more pictures, Lee, it’s the only way to be sure.

  5. paul buGAR says

    pictures are pictures. you can’t really tell unless you watch a video. i’d recommend Physical, and you can see that they move like real boobs. For contrast, watch something of Ourei Harada’s. Everyone knows they’re fake, and you can totally tell. They can’t move!

  6. corky says

    The absolute test is when the woman in question lays on her back. Implants will stay upright without flattening out in the least bit. Real breasts go flatter across the chest area. Find a shot of this doll on her back for proof.

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