Japanese graduates ready to face the future?

Japan’s economic outlook is far from rosy. Plus certainties of the past such as a job for life are long gone. But on graduation day at least, it’s a time for former students to embrace such uncertainty, and hope that the future will be just as colourful as their ceremonial hakama.

Japanese graduation kimono or hakama


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      Cheers for the link. Very interesting. The whole Japanese job recruitment thing seems like a thoroughly horrendous experience. As does being a company ‘freshman’ should they be successful. The Smiths Heaven Knoes I’m Miserable Now springs to mind…

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    Great shot, sort of like a revolving door symbolism going on: the new student going up for the stairs, the finished product leaving and going down the stairs again, back to the start :-)

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      Cheers. Yeah, ideally I’d have liked to have another school student going up the steps in the left of the frame, but sadly such elements are beyond my control!

  2. Squidpuppy says

    I’ve always thought the graduation hakama to be a lovely and charming tradition. If only the men would wear Meiji / Taisho period garb too…

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      Yes, I totally agree.. Did see a few young fellas in traditional garb as well this year though. A very cool look, and way better than a bland suit that’s for sure.

  3. kimora says

    I’ve been browsing through your site for a while and I think this is my favorite pic. Cheers to you!

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