Japanese girls and a window into a different world

Looking at these three girls was like simultaneously seeing into the past and the future; a sense of what Japan once was, along with the hope of what it may become.

What they were looking at, however, is a mystery — apart from the little girl in the middle of course. The poor kid confronted with a peculiar, and in this case rather pasty sight, that in her lifetime could well become a necessity, instead of the novelty it invariably is now.

traditional Japanese girls in traditional clothes


  1. winnie says

    Great shot!!
    I feel like being tranported back through time into Edo period when I looked at this picture! :-)

      • says

        Actually I thought it could have been a shot from lat Meiji to early Showa Japan.

        BTW what happened to the site for the past few days? Tried to access and got a page load error.

        • says

          My host had a hardware failure causing the site to go down, which in turn caused other issues which I don’t really understand. Thankfully though nothing was lost, and everything seems to be ok now.

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