Japanese fertility festival costumes and conversations

Japanese fertility festivals aren’t necessarily for the faint of heart, but what they definitely are is fun; good-natured bawdiness that remarkably never seems to slip into sleaziness.

What these events also do is effortlessly mix the traditional, with the not so traditional, such as the standard happi coat and a rather less conventional penis costume. A contrast that is clear to see, although what kind of conversations it conjures up is pure — and possibly puerile — conjecture.

Kanamara Festival


  1. winnie says

    I am speechless due to astonishment.

    The expression of lady in Pink is like “what happen?”, maybe clueless of the man trying to say?

  2. says

    Somehow I find it all right as long as a woman is in the costume. :-) On the other hand, from this angle and with the thing wrapped around his head, the dude’s head also looks like a “helmet.”

  3. says

    I always end up having to do something every first Sunday of April since I went here 2 years ago. Urgh, lucky you went haha

    • says

      This was only the second time I’ve been. The first was a good few years ago. To be honest though, the huge increase in visitors made it a lot less enjoyable this time. Just too many people, in such a small place.

  4. says

    Ah Lee! Missed you there, must have been in bumping into you as well and never got to say “hello!” As you said the massive increase in people made it not that much fun, I remember being able to move quite freely around the festival before. This time it was difficult to move at all and difficult to get a clear shot of anyone, however dressed. Still, the challenge is there and you have done well with this lady, love it missed her myself though wanted to take a shot just the grammatical anagrams of a “woman in a penis” headlines I would have used to get ridiculous amounts of hits. Had to make do with Batman’s cock on my own blog post of the event. Catch up next time somewhere for sure. Damon

    • says

      Cheers Damon.

      It was so packed, even if we’d tried to meet up we probably wouldn’t have seen each other. I recall it being the same when I went the first time. In fact there were so many people packed into the shrine area, there didn’t even seem to be any space for the mischievous carving of daikon.

      That’s a good shot of Batman you go got. How bizarre was that? Saw him briefly, and he came as quite a surprise I have to say!

  5. MrSatyre says

    Woman: “But…you said it would be only THIS big!”
    Man: “So, what are trying to tell me?”
    Woman: “It’s too big! It hurts!”

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