Japanese farting fanatics

Despite their love of costly clothing and cuteness, it’s a well known fact that Japanese girls simply fart for fun, regularly producing bottom burps like burly builders.

A practice that sadly doesn’t decrease after marriage either, with this in-depth and presumably scientific study finding that a staggering 43% of Japanese husbands had to suffer the sound of their partner’s pumping in just the first year of marriage alone.

Japanese girl farting

However, while the reeling off of raspers is far from romantic for most, one or two fellas it seems are more than favourable to the odd fart, with this young man particularly partial to them.

Japanese girls farting

And then some.

(video via the definitely not odorous dannychoo.com)


  1. says

    Donald Richie notes in ‘Discover Japan vol.2 Words, Customs and Concepts’, Kodansha, 1983, p.192-193) that the fart – 屁 (he) or おなら(onara) – is omnipresent in Japanese literature and the arts: From Edo-period scroll paintings to Ozu Yasujiro’s Ohayou (1959). Nothing to be ashamed about. Donald Richie writes:

    “Farting is included in the nature of man. Such things are for the Japanese among the miseries of life, and should be recorded as such. Just here is the difference in attitude between Japan and the West. That a thing is is sufficient to warrant its notice, even its celebration. The hypocrisy of the idealistic (where some things, often those most intimately human, are to be denied) has not until recently infected Japan. In both cultures the fart is funny but only in Japan, I think, is its humanity acknowledged. This entails a full acceptance of the human state.”

  2. says

    I hear that farting is generally accepted in Japanese culture and you can hear farts from anywhere and anyone but nose blowing is regarded as rude. Isn’t Japan awesome ;p.

  3. says

    Japanese think that if you can fart in someone presence it means you are comfortable with them so 43% of wifes farting in the first year of marriage I guess is a good sign.

  4. dante says

    one of the reasons i want to go to japan.. now if only i could learn the language.. anyway, i wish i was that guy…

  5. George K says

    A true husband should not complaint his wife’s physical needs. Farting is a natural habit of human beings. No need to see fun in it. If so serious they have to consult a doctor.

    In west and south asian countries farting in public make people embrassed. Japanese see this like any other human behaviour.

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