Japanese Corona copy

Although Japanese youngsters already have a considerable choice of kids’ beer to choose from, the majority of it, while relatively convincing, does lack a little in the looks department.

Japanese kids beer

However, for the child (kodomo) intent on imbibing a beverage that at least bears a passing resemblance to a brew possibly popular with its parents, this cleverly converted but copyright infringing concoction could well be ideal.

Japanese kids beer


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    We have beer for kids over here, too. It’s herded under the generic term ‘alcopop’ and is available to all tracksuit-wearing kiddiewinks the length and breadth of this fair isle, that they might drink it and hang around on street corners. This enables other people to write concerned letters to the Daily Mail about how they didn’t do that in my day. Does Japan have it’s own version of the Daily Mail? I’m pretty sure as I type this that it probably has.

  2. says

    Yes, there are a few contenders for the ‘Daily Mail of Japan’ spot Paul. In fact, perhaps one or two may even judge the Daily Mail to be a little on the liberal side, and way too open minded.

    Sorry phauna, I can’t remember the name of the shop I found it in. If I pass it again I’ll let you know.

    Possibly a combination of the two Neil. Minus the taste and intoxication.

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