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      It is. Always look forward to it. Seemed to be a lot less youngsters about this year. Although that’s not surprising considering the shrinking population…

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      It does. And thanks! I was pleased the way it came out. My aim was to get something different from the usual Coming of Age Day images we see every year, and in some ways I think I achieved that.

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    Great shot, love the way the light falls on the girls and isolates them from the dark background.
    Where I’m from we don’t have a celebration like this and if we would have had, it would have been a day of boozing and blowing raspberries at City Hall officials boring us with long speeches about nothing of importance. I’m glad to read in the papers that the Japanese youth agrees with that :-)

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      It was a lovely sunny spot, so I was very happy when I saw them approaching. It was then just a case of hoping nobody got in the way, and bagging the shot. Really pleased with the way it came out.

      And totally agree. Dressing up and meeting friends is a great way to celebrate. Listening to some old boy warble on for ages on the other hand, most certainly isn’t.

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