Japanese breast size simulator

The Japanese fascination with blood type and its apparent correlation to a person’s character, means that a man may (or indeed may not) be able to gauge a prospective partner’s personality before he takes the plunge. However, for the fella more interested in simply finding out what’s under his selected siren’s sweater, the super scientific Oppai (breast) Maker is the perfect one-stop shop.

By simply typing in a Japanese girl’s name, the site’s mindboggingly complicated software will produce an accurate manga-esque image of the young lady’s mammaries. And, just to prove how reliable the programme is, this is how it interpreted Mizuki (美月) — a click will reveal the uncensored simulation.

Japanese breast size

Which, considering I was thinking of bikini idol Mizuki Horii, is unnervingly accurate I’m sure you’ll agree.

Mizuki Horii

Unfortunately, the software’s similarly unsettling picture of my positively pendulous man-boobs suggests the site still has a few teething problems,

Japanese breast size

or alternatively my diet needs to go in a very different direction to deter any further developments.

(via the FG Forums)


  1. says

    Miyuki’s point upwards, which is a sign of fakeness. And yours point in different directions, also a sign of un-natural additives.

  2. says

    Whatever you do, don’t put your mom’s name in there!
    You’ll have to commit seppuku or hit yourself over the head with a rock to forget the image.

  3. shinobi says

    im pretty sure niether myself, nor anyone else, would have even thought to put our mum’s name in there… damnit now i have to think about that. thanks alot XD

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