Japanese boarding schools and beverages

The amazing success of maid cafes in Japan has resulted in a sizeable selection of spin-offs, including those based on religion, relief and even race. A trend that has also been turned on its head somewhat with the likes of butler cafes — establishments that apparently attract connoisseurs of both beverages and boy love.

Also, along very similar lines, we now have Edelstein, a newly opened cafe based on a boys’ boarding school.

Japanese boarding school cafe

Hardly revolutionary it has to be said, although as well as the usual selection of food and drinks, Edelstein also aims to reward its more regular customers by offering free photo opportunities with the ‘pupils’.

Japanese boarding school cafe

However, how many visits are necessary for the real authenticity of a spot of boarding school buggery round the back of the bike sheds has yet to be decided.

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  1. says

    hi i am maria and i am looking for a internashinal boarding school in tokyo japan or neare tokyo i am only 12 and am going to 7 grade email me to tell me some schools pease help me

  2. Celena says

    Im 13 years old and near 14 and desperate to find a boarding school in Tokyo, Japan. I am very fluent in Japanese [have taken many classes].

    And money wont be a problem.

    Everything else like passport, visa and ect. I will get once I have found a boarding school. Please help!

    • lyrica says

      where have you taken classes to learn Japanese!!!!
      I really wanna learn how to speak that language!!
      I am only 9 but when I get to high school I wanna go to a boarding school in japan someday!!

    • Savannah A Stone says

      you say that money wont be a problem….
      i have to get a school with scholarships
      AND i havent talked to my mom about this either….
      please help me thru this!!

      • Celena says

        I’ve to honestly say I was walking on glass on the sunject of going to a boarding school. I desperatly tried to persuade my mom into letting me go to ICUHS, but she declined. Asking your mother suddenly, also, wouldn’t be a great idea. Scholarships, may be hard to get also. I suggest researching Very deeply into this if you truely want to go. I was completely mentally prepared for bringing this up to my mother, but almost immediatly did I lose it. I’m setteling for a high school exchnage program for a whole year. It is honestly like a boarding school, except living with a host family.

        • Savannah A Stone says

          Thanks, but, my mom declined because of the money issues. I had actually found a summer program at a cheaper price than most boarding schools, but when i showed her the paperwork, she just laughed, saying i don’t understand money at my age. But, thank you anyway! I am not giving up just yet though! ^_^ I WILL find a boarding school or summer program, with a scholarship or by getting a job. I won’t be put down so easily, I will fight for my goals, and NO ONE can stop me!! FIGHT!!

          • Celena says

            I like your enthusiasm [sp.?]!! I have abandoned my goals for going to a Japan boarding school, but am researching into a Huge boarding school in my state. It has people from all over the World. It’s quite amazing. Well, best wishes for your dreams. I hope we both get what we want in the end:)

          • Ashley Cardenas says

            I really like your determination! I am the same, I will fight tooth and nail with any one or anything, so that I may go!! Good luck to you!!

      • Ashley Cardenas says

        Yes that is the same situation that I am in, I’ve been dreaming of going to a boarding school in Japan for a LONG time, but I have not had the nurve to officially anounce it to my parents that I would like to go so far away. But with a scholarship I have a good chance of going in Highschool

  3. Savannah A Stone says

    im savannah stone
    and im looking for a boarding school in Japan near tokyo or in tokyo
    im 12 and im in seventh grade
    and if there are any schools
    can someone please tell me if they have scholarships
    if you find one
    please email me! ^^

  4. Ashley Cardenas says

    Oi, I am 13 year old girl going on 14, who is looking for a good boarding school in Japan, a school that gives scholarships. PLEASE E-mail me a website to one that fits this descrpition if you can!!

  5. Dionna rivera says

    I’m 13,Who is looking for a great boarding school!!! Plz Help!!!! I hope every one that commented will find a GREAT boarding school!!

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