Japanese AV model moniker

Choosing a memorable name is important in many industries, but in the murky world of adult movies, it’s possibly even paramount. For example, something along the lines of Sarah Smith isn’t likely to have supporters exactly salivating, whereas Lucy Bangs might — just.

To perhaps stress this importance then, and at the same time produce a clever little marketing campaign, one new model is encouraging members of the public to suggest a name for her to use, with the only info she is giving away being her age (20), height (148 cm) and breast size (an E-cup). Oh, and she likes cooking too. Her coq au vin and spotted dick in particular are said to go down very well indeed at large gatherings, with most guests happy to stuff themselves silly.

Anyway, poor food-based puns aside, to propose a moniker, or simply have a marvel at her mammaries, you can click here, although with her wares being well in view, it’s nowhere near safe for ogling at the office.

Japanese AV model

(via the even more not safe for work Japanese adult video blog, Sweat PIg)


  1. says

    If the girl in the pic is the one asking for the name – they sure don’t look like E cups… More like C cups…

  2. says

    Oh she’s a really lovely girl! I saw some of her videos. If anyone looking for more Japanese AV videos, just click on my name, should be more there.

  3. Steph says

    That is definitely not an E cup. Looks like a B at best, unless she’s had surgery after that pic was taken.

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